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  • Yacer sellam 6 years ago


  • fireblade155 6 years ago

    you must have soooooo much? freetime

  • gaylord6918 6 years ago

    i live in sydney and? i know where you live
    not realy

  • gaylord6918 6 years ago

    its funny because bozzaliki talked about going out as well? on his lp

  • Playingwithmah 6 years ago

    Penguin Power? xD

  • frilok96 6 years ago

    I think a redestone series of sorts would be great! IMO? a series of you playing random games (Most of which from your vast collection of Steam games). Maybe you could play some games that have a bit of nostalgia in them.

  • jboy1901 6 years ago

    Why the new? skin???

  • jboy1901 6 years ago

    @Flabaliki I would love? the redstone series! btw would you love to find a slime spawner?

  • Flabaliki 6 years ago

    @gameloverC I live in Australia, it was Wednesday night?

  • Teska616 6 years ago

    Redstone would be awesome, you always make it really easy to understand ^_^ Also, while? you’re in Hong Kong you should make a vlog about your wonderful adventures 😀

  • fyllemann 6 years ago

    @xDiiizy TMI is for? multiplayer..

  • letemburn97 6 years ago

    u should film u in real life hanging with? ur mates in japan and tht

  • theduckinwater 6 years ago

    Please Flabs, do a timelapse for the design!

    I love? them

  • gameloverC 6 years ago

    To day? is Wednesday afternoon

  • Flabaliki 6 years ago

    @xDiiizy yes, I’ve had that for months. I only use? it on my multiplayer servers.

  • LunaFiTinG 6 years ago

    it would be cool if you would mess around with some redstone and pistons :D?

  • Yolopanther12 6 years ago

    I’d? love another time lapse. The last one you did was awesome.

  • Flabaliki 6 years ago

    @xDiiizy Not in single player,? no.

  • 1sinbad1 6 years ago

    doesn’t here and? i have a good computer, but anyway 480p appeared again

  • zeldafan1998 6 years ago

    8D? Woot!

  • Flabaliki 6 years ago

    @xDiiizy Read the big green bar at the top of the? page: “This video is still being processed. Video quality may improve once processing is complete.”

  • gab0c 6 years ago

    YAY!? Finaly :D:D

  • iskilyou 6 years ago

    yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy a new vid !!!! THANK YOU FLABALIKI?