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  • Tracey Andino 6 years ago

    when the? amasing juedy baj comes

  • Tracey Andino 6 years ago

    bdubs what? ep is

  • GuiiSanttoss 6 years ago

    Etho can’t? harvest clay. it’s kind of an inside joke.

  • 911signin 6 years ago

    It was a? prank

  • NorwegianFools 6 years ago

    Decoration maybe??

  • 1marcusbj 6 years ago

    you can sleep in? thunderstorms even when its daytime

  • 1marcusbj 6 years ago

    yeah i was thinking about that too?

  • King Koolouski 6 years ago

    you know, that wont be much? of a prank because Etho just doesnt care, bur his OCD viewers do.

  • Minhnghia Pham 6 years ago

    Join uns Server?? IP: Skyrise server

  • Anthony silva 6 years ago

    thank you for everything, because of you and? Guude i became interested in mine-craft… keep it up and go B team…. like a boss!

  • FunctionOfN 6 years ago

    great episode

  • Randomdude1211 6 years ago

    Uploaded 1 second ago: over 70G? views WTF

  • NorwegianFools 6 years ago

    Hey waz up with all the? levers?

  • Brodie Kemp 6 years ago

    JOIN IP: <<< #1 [PVP] [FACTION] [MCmmo] [LAGGFREE]? [24/7] JOIN!

  • ray73864 6 years ago

    Or you could just wait till 1.4 bdubs, where? left clicking won’t activate the lever.

  • chilaxgamer 6 years ago

    Someone already did? a clay related “prank” on him

  • ResicAdorna 6 years ago

    Yes it is.
    The enchantment Silk Touch allows you to get full blocks, and this includes Grass Blocks. It`s been like that since they introduced enchantments.
    Also, Silk touch means you`ll mine Stone straight off the? wall instead of cobble, full glowstone blocks instead of dust, etc.

  • iDontGiveAFcukK 6 years ago

    u ever heard? of silk touch?

  • C-Dot Cubes 6 years ago

    Is the mindcrack server Full Legit? because i see grass blocks in some chests…?

  • mbonnar 6 years ago

    To be honest, I’ve seen the piece? you are talking about, and it’s pretty impressive.

  • itsjniko 6 years ago

    If any of y’all want to go back and watch the Ultra Hardcore Season 5 Intro again, it’s page 14? on BDubs’ channel. <3

  • Carol Bieber 6 years ago

    You? should make a village repair shop with a lot of doors in chests, it could be like a fire station

  • JimmyWhiffler 6 years ago

    You’re quite the little ray of sunshine aren’t you!?

  • matt southgate 6 years ago

    or hells blazes?

  • MikkozVidz 6 years ago

    seems? legit.