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  • nickya2042 6 years ago

    Hey can you come check out my world pls ur? so cool I built some wiki things

  • Bigbubba Lackey 6 years ago

    Hey can you add me on xbox Sniping NinjaX6? looking to play with someone who likes to do challenges especially hunger games. So Everyone add me.

  • Pollogamer F. 6 years ago


  • allanxpoe83 6 years ago

    anyone having problems with? no animals spawning in your world?

  • 23blackfire32 6 years ago

    shit!? i got RROD :(

  • Zack Carter 6 years ago

    hey? can you friend ZMr MinecaftZ

  • Marcie070 6 years ago

    OMG, guys, I’ve just got? my free Minecraft giftcode!

    >> Minecraftgiftcodes.me <<

  • Waffleman247z 6 years ago


  • Elijah Murray 6 years ago


  • jonharson 6 years ago

    No, but only newly generated chunk will have? the new stuff in them.

  • 1Stavas 6 years ago

    Add me on? xbox my gamer tag is kastavas

  • Mrsuper592 6 years ago

    @jordan krank it? does explore the create a world more

  • HerobrineWatches 6 years ago

    It said there was super flat world has more options but it doesn’t and all my chests are being fuckin retarded lol?

  • SuperGoldenzCoconut 6 years ago

    guys don’t mark? this as spam but if you want the official in-game changelog go check out realrstudios channel’s most recent video

  • Nmtz119 6 years ago

    To? run just go up on the thumb stick twice and hold it there and you will run.

  • Alexiz Deniz 6 years ago

    i got it but how do you? run

  • Dillon Marshall 6 years ago

    It’s awesome I? woke up at like 4:30 and played til I had to go to school

  • ProMinecraft56 6 years ago

    i? got School cant wait im going to DIE!!

  • Carlos22tovar 6 years ago

    The update is? awesome

  • bassbmwpower 6 years ago

    I GOT? IT <33333333

  • TheRandomxperson 6 years ago

    Less then? an hour until the patch!!!

  • alldarkstr 6 years ago

    In the morning??

  • ShadowDragonX5 6 years ago

    i got? school… oh wait im sick xD

  • codyhauger 6 years ago

    aaaaa tommorow coming out? 2:00am

  • Carlton Watson 6 years ago

    BHL gaming just made a video stating that tommorow is the release date for the new update, holy sh*t! I? CANNOT FREAKIN WAIT! 😀 😀 😀