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  • ZPHOENIX27 7 years ago

    Looking good! Good thing you? had a diamond pick…..

  • IGSkaarj 7 years ago

    The magic room is looking good. Personally, my redstone use is powered rail, and maybe an automatic farm if I’m feeling really adventurous. I want to make hidden doors with it, but the doors need to move downwards, and pistons only move one space. I know there’s a way to? get it to work, but it’s far too complex for me XD

    Really nice enchant on the bow. Shame it didn’t have the infinity enchantment, then it would have been really awesome!

  • cindyreddeer 7 years ago

    Your red stone stuff works really well whether it’s this or a automatic wheat farm. =) I’ve spend the? last 2 hours trying to fix the water I broke in my world and had creepers not helping in the least. In the middle of the day for gosh sakes. XD