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  • kopakid555 7 years ago

    You talk so? sufisticating

  • Zarth Varder 7 years ago

    Also in extensiin to that pointless comment, charcoal?

  • Zarth Varder 7 years ago

    I know this is an old video, and? he will never see this, but WHY YOU SO LUCKY SPARKLEZ

  • haadi1228 7 years ago


  • xxPandaLandxx 7 years ago

    haha i thought i was the? only one who got scared when playing normal survival mode….

  • LWHStudios 7 years ago

    And thus, Jerry’s? Tree was born…..

  • methemagicgirl 7 years ago

    :(? BYE COWS!!!

  • greg bonnema 7 years ago

    please dont dislike i just started youtubing and? i would really appriciate more views. the vids arent that great but please watch one

  • Gabriel Bonhomme 7 years ago

    yodoggg13 i am a sub?

  • BOOMSHACKALACKA12310 7 years ago

    U said “Right Off The Bat” a? lot Back then

  • yodoggg13 7 years ago

    if any of you? wouldnt mind to keep me entertained, i started making minecraft videos for my own personal amusement and i would love to know what you all think! gracias amigos!

  • Faith Klein 7 years ago


  • ethan daniels 7 years ago

    cap. my minecraft can`t? distribute items like yours. tips?

  • wyatt stimson 7 years ago

    CaptainSparklez is a rich man. He got $3651.63 on this? video alone.

  • Gregory Keeler 7 years ago

    This? makes me want to be in a jungle

  • Gregory Keeler 7 years ago

    Im in 1.4.5 its asewome, whats? captain in?

  • Gregory Keeler 7 years ago

    I love making a tree house in jungle biomes, its the? best.

  • GamesofRico 7 years ago

    Nice? treehouse you made

  • phillip garcia 7 years ago


  • Mateusz Grzechowiak 7 years ago

    Your the best capitan?

  • machiel kain 7 years ago

    to the person who reads this. you have a long way to go but it’s all worth it.
    join Jordan on his journy to victory.good? luck.

  • Harrison Reggerud 7 years ago

    Rip cows, we shal never? forget you

  • CylonsCraft 7 years ago

    Hey all my name? is Thomas and i am 19 years old guy from finland but i do? my commentaries in english.

    – I do have really funny accent

    – I will response to all comments i do get

    – I do have HD PVR so quality is good

    – I listen my subscribers and viewers

    – I am having fun while doing my gameplay videos

    – I upload atleast 1 video everyday

    – I have 50 lovely subscribers & i started 12.16.12

    So come & check my channel out if you want a good laugh & subscribe for more nice videos !

  • Emma Walker 7 years ago

    or steve924? (his mc name)

  • Emma Walker 7 years ago

    ur like a hero to my best friends brother :) if? you could give a shout out for ethan woods it would be great!!!