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  • Kevin Thai 6 years ago

    you passed your? arrow Lol

  • Chaotic4Neutral 6 years ago

    Fair? enough, I hope you don’t get too much grief about that old comment in the future then

  • Wandergirl108 6 years ago

    I kind of threw a fit about it? a few months ago; and yes, it was immature of me. You are absolutely right, about everything you just said, and I take no offense. :)

  • Chaotic4Neutral 6 years ago

    The way you talked about it a few months ago was very immature I found, of course it’s the Internet and you’re free to say what you want but don’t forget it stays on here forever and other people are just as free to say what they? think about your reaction.

  • Wandergirl108 6 years ago

    Uh…I still would rather not update from Beta 1.6.5, for the reasons described in the comment you replied to, but I wouldn’t call it stubborn and immature that I prefer retro Minecraft to the way it works today. Well, maybe stubborn, but not immature – I’m allowed to have my own preferences. I’m not whining about the current version of Minecraft to? anyone anymore, though. Make of that whatever you will.

  • Chaotic4Neutral 6 years ago

    I didn’t know whether or not you? still had the same stubborn and immature opinion

  • Wandergirl108 6 years ago

    Way to renew an argument that ended MONTHS ago.? 😛

  • Chaotic4Neutral 6 years ago

    Things change and that includes Minecraft, deal with it instead of acting like an? annoying spoiled child

  • ShinyGlacea 6 years ago

    Wait a minute, Kurt cannot spawn back to his old cabin because he? has hundreds of hidey-holes, right?

  • NaviSamurai 6 years ago

    Kurt’s videos are for entertainment and enjoyment, not a place for complaints? or whining, seriously show some respect for what Kurt does here

  • deathstriker154 6 years ago

    for short dont fucking play minecraft?

  • GamemasterX2000 6 years ago

    29:44? Guardian alert!!!

  • holdenkenne 6 years ago

    21:10 … It’s “defused.”?

  • ArjunaAxtri 6 years ago

    Indeed ;)?

  • jongyon7192p 6 years ago

    So Homestuck XD?

  • DaMasterChief111 6 years ago

    When shree? said there was stuff inside you might like, you should said, ” you mean THIS?” and start spamming TNT everywhere.

  • Gemgamer 6 years ago

    Then dont play and go troll somewhere else? you dick

  • charleskennethsy 6 years ago


  • Airofoil 6 years ago

    I think Shree? [ShreeyamGFX] was expecting something at 20:00 xD

  • Sarge Rho 6 years ago

    No unnatural features?
    Let’s see…

    The world is made of? cubes, Creepers, Zombies, Archer-Skeletons, Slimes, soil floats, bedrock is indestructible and the world is flat and the size of Neptune… Nothing unnatural at all, amirite?

  • Davem151 6 years ago

    Performance should not be? on balanced :S

  • DreadKyller 6 years ago

    You are not worthy to play minecraft! In my opinion Gravel looks less like cobblestone than before. Jeb didn’t destroy, he lowered the quality don to make head way for a few amazing features that could not be implemented otherwise. Single player will improve, the stuff you’re complaining about is small. Mopre rewarding my ass, who? in hell wants 1,000,000 stacks of dirt and fkin cobblestone?

  • kalvaxis 6 years ago

    Fuck you Jeb is a badass? and damn you to your “gods” “hell”

  • TheIshoda 6 years ago

    I only have a few things to say? to you, girly (I’m assuming? from your name, you do indeed have a blue waffle)
    >Revert back to an older version of Minecraft
    >Turn off the generating structures feature