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  • TheMrhappy2010 6 years ago

    LOVE your story about the old woman Jsano! My husband and I laughed. so
    hard. The sad part is that I could see my mom do that too 😛

  • Ghrimvixon 6 years ago

    Rofl @ the old lady and the All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet coupon! That old
    lady is the best con- artist ever. Story time with Jeff fa fa is Awesome.

  • Mason Elliott 6 years ago

    thanx for the vid jeff

  • Svetox 6 years ago

    I miss the old intro where Jeff was singing :(

  • Justin Smith 6 years ago

    Yo jsano i think your in the deathgames . Just letting you know . Like so
    he can see please

  • SpazTickMind 6 years ago

    LOL hey, lead the chicken. Place dirt over it. Then put the lead on the

  • tobey fox 6 years ago

    Love the new intro 😀

  • MrAqualord10 6 years ago

    Love the intro

  • Michael Lucas-Smith 6 years ago

    If you have a small map of your hospital, you can put a red cross on the
    top centered on the map, then place the map in a picture frame to have a
    “high resolution” red cross sign anywhere you want it.

  • ShrimpRS 6 years ago

    i just subbed :)

  • NorthernLyghts 6 years ago

    Someone should build underneath everything

  • aptharsia 6 years ago

    The intro to this one, I was thinking a Minecracker had died and this was
    going to be a memorial video.

  • likeabaws2329 6 years ago

    In pauses station theres a wooden button on top of door inside

  • likeabaws2329 6 years ago

    How to i get land at spawn?

  • Christopher Price 6 years ago

    You should dig downward to make the entrance to the tent -also you can dig
    down in the interior to give it more space.

  • Tanner69046 6 years ago

    Jsano the track button was already setup for you at spawn. Those buttons on
    the coal blocks send it off. Yours is unnecessary

  • AlucardNoir 6 years ago

    what happened to the intro?

  • Teun Ackermans 6 years ago

    Cool intro man realy better then other 1

  • TriXfgh 6 years ago

    No I miss old intros. I like the new o tho

  • Adam McRae 6 years ago

    LMAO i thought you said you had senior folks on the menu!!!!!! You eat
    people lol, ohhhh :( you said senior cokes LOL

  • GoertzMarc 6 years ago

    Nice intro Jeff! I think your name should be darker for better contrast,
    but sweeeeet!

  • paubakkum 6 years ago

    Baj does

  • paubakkum 6 years ago

    Baj does

  • Kawtak 6 years ago

    The police stations belongs to Baj I think. But not Pause.

  • TheOberst1990 6 years ago

    I think the police station is from Baj.