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  • drunkengamemonkeys 6 years ago

    i really wish i was getting 10 up!!! i’m only getting 70 down 5 up.

  • Bredli37 6 years ago

    I get 8 down 0.8 up 😛

  • Cathleen Rivera 6 years ago

    Lol. You should do more stuff with other minecrackers. Great videos like
    always, you are funny!

  • MissMathMC 6 years ago

    That intro… >.> I think the effort you put into simply finding Doc makes
    up for the invisible kill. At least he wasn’t AFK at the time. Congrats!

  • MatthamewP 6 years ago

    No More Horseys Jumping on the bed!

  • Loy4list 6 years ago

    Does anyone know if youtube comments are regional?

  • HumbleAnimal 6 years ago

    Jsano seems to have the same accent as Genny.

  • gibsonq96 6 years ago

    hahah tnx man for the information! i looked the song up right away really
    cool tnx man!

  • AlucardNoir 6 years ago

    forgot that, though i do think i’ve seen someone try it from inside a

  • JSano19 6 years ago

    If it is set up as designed, there is no minecart to be hitting the button
    from. The button automatically dispenses a minecart from a dispenser and
    powers it all in one push. Meaning all you do is hit the button, then turn
    and click on the minecart after it is dispensed and it passes. I am just
    not always quick enough and watch my minecart go past me and I don’t get in
    it in time.

  • Aneirin S 6 years ago

    its actually based off of a song named na-na hey hey (kiss him goodbye)
    released in 1969 originally and then used in many marketing ads (such as an
    ad for Fanta) and apparently the simpsons (lol) the original lyrics are
    “nananana, nananana, hey hey hey, goodbye :)

  • AlucardNoir 6 years ago

    Just asking, but: have you tried hitting the button while inside a minecart?

  • Renegade bt 6 years ago

    Jsano, You don’t have to apologize for anything..I don’t think that there
    is any one here that doesn’t like to watch a good match of death games..
    Love your video’s,,, Thank you for putting them out there for us to

  • JSano19 6 years ago

    Ha! Next episode me: /tell GenerikB Hey Generik, Doc is up again, lets go
    for 2 in a row GenerikB: Sure, on the way JSano19 Kills GenerikB with the
    Sword of Justice Love it!

  • will t 6 years ago

    Next time your doing death games, you should tell the target that someone
    else that is on is the target and hide in the DG building and attack them
    when they come for the gear

  • xHyPe StOrMzZ 6 years ago


  • StuffWithAlexGaming 6 years ago

    Jsano: “Heyy what’s up man?” Generikb: “Good, man, good”

  • Lathergy 6 years ago

    Congratz for your first kill on the death game, finally!

  • The Gaming Gryphon 6 years ago

    Grats on your first Death Game victory!

  • gibsonq96 6 years ago

    your intro is from the simpsons the episode where mr burns sells the
    company to the germans and then he goes to Moes and they do mean to him and
    homer and the others sing na-na-na-na na-na-na-na mr burns your gone
    (something like that) but exactly the same as your intro i finaly know it
    hahaha 😀

  • Carla HerreraM 6 years ago

    The whisper command is /tell

  • AN NoobMNoob 6 years ago

    lol xD

  • AroundTheBest 6 years ago

    Hey Jsano. The rail in the netherhub was put in by Etho. You should use it
    like he intended.

  • ThunderProductionz 6 years ago


  • Erin Sinclair 6 years ago

    He was AFK at the skelly farm but then he was working at the witch farm…
    making storage