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  • OG_Trollz 6 years ago

    This video sucks

  • Saymic howard 6 years ago

    your intro is awesome

  • Ryan Wright 6 years ago

    sup dudes if you can check out my channel i play roblox i will be plaieng
    black ops 2 and mc so yea check out my channel

  • quakie4987 6 years ago


  • quakie4987 6 years ago

    You left the rift blade!!

  • monsterCOWBOY200 6 years ago

    I understand

  • us gaming 6 years ago

    Hi you’re the best

  • Jordan Mapes 6 years ago

    cool video

  • Alyssa Sepe 6 years ago


  • Anne Whitehurst 6 years ago

    Infinity? On ur gun

  • Ze Wolfe 6 years ago

    Fiery pickaxe and do a draw my life and do the ram quest

  • Richard Lu 6 years ago

    Fight the Basilisk!

  • Opoienjoes Bytes 6 years ago

    Ghost, did you drink 5 cups of coffee before you recorded this, your so

  • dominique81ful 6 years ago

    27:20 mob fight! (spider vs skeleton) 😀

  • matthew saldana 6 years ago

    Make a magic map

  • GhostGamingYT 6 years ago

    We’re less than 30 likes from 1,000 o: can we do it?!

  • Eivind Skjevik 6 years ago

    Dood dont make the normal nullets make the buster bullerts it exsplode one
    hit kill

  • ongshucheng 6 years ago

    Plz more likes

  • dabeast1122334455 6 years ago

    The naga is the worm

  • Dilpreet Grewal 6 years ago

    He organizes all his chests and not his inventory

  • Christian Garcia 6 years ago

    Ghost you can make diamond chest and emerald chest just one of these chest
    is kinda like a chest and a half

  • Glenn Ee 6 years ago

    fight The NAGA

  • Fanny Zhang 6 years ago

    Ghost you rock

  • Mia Escobar 6 years ago

    You should make fiery blood pickaxes because they auto smelt the ores you
    mine :)

  • Gage Mitchell 6 years ago

    Make more episodes!!!! Please