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  • cubfan135 5 years ago

    Today we traverse a vast stretch of the world in search of the rare Mega
    Taiga biome.

  • Yonkage 5 years ago

    I was actually lucky enough to spawn right next to a Mega Taiga biome in my
    current world, so I know right where one is. Unfortunately, I’ve since
    moved my home to a far-off land… over 18000 blocks from spawn. I can’t
    imagine trying to actually get there. Good thing I don’t have much use for
    podzol (it’s untextured in the RP I’m using).

    Still, it’s amazing the insanity you put yourself through for us fans. In
    that entire search, did you also not find a Mooshroom biome?

  • Kazusa Azumaya 5 years ago

    This would be interesting to do. Basically, make another mine cart at the
    underground station. That leads to a nether portal. The cart goes in the
    portal, and maybe on the others side (nether) a block on a piston might be
    able to push u back on the track(or put a track under the minecart. This
    will put out the portal, so put dispensers to relight it so you can come

  • ben kang 5 years ago

    Cub can you make episodes longer and can you make subways?

  • Phillip Klaassen 5 years ago

    Cub, could you work on the ceiling of the underground warehouse/storage
    (across from the egg) so that it isn’t just dirt and stone. Pls.

  • Finger Lickin 5 years ago

    It would be so funny (for us viewers) if there was a mega taiga about 500
    blocks east of your base lol.

  • jose iniguez 5 years ago

    Make a wither Skelton farm 

  • Linda Schmidt 5 years ago

    Cub how did you find your mincraft skin

  • zZzZOBRA 5 years ago

    New world size: 21312 GB o.O

  • Guidogi 33 5 years ago

    Your world is freaking OP <3

  • Ryan Burdick 5 years ago

    if you line your boat dock with soul sand the boat won’t break even if you
    ram into it.

  • timitoe 5 years ago

    I kinda feel like you should redo your main storage area… it is getting a
    litte to small

  • Storm Frost 5 years ago

    I have only been watching since episode 150 or so but I wanna tell u that I
    check every day to see if you have posted again because your videos just
    make me happy. Also, I think you should work on a nether hub type thing and
    decorate the rail lines in the nether. Stay awesome;)

  • Jimitris 12 5 years ago

    If you want to find a certain biome faster you could either download the
    amidst app or use the biome finder app in the minecraft chunk base

  • Johnny Schulz 5 years ago

    Cub your one of the best mine crafters ever you should join up with etho
    and make an lp together

  • Jerry Pollatos 5 years ago

    Omg! That must have been so hard for you! Good work endearing that! Keep it
    up cub! 

  • Matheus Nasi 5 years ago

    20th viewer

  • Phillip Klaassen 5 years ago

    Cub, I love how positive, open, and always helpful your community is. Can’t
    find many youtubers that have a decent amount of subscribers that has that
    type of community.

  • Renzo Philip Macalma 5 years ago

    I saw your hunger bar disappeared when you go to the ocean monument

  • Lt Lobster 5 years ago

    At 17:23 you said ‘the nethers coordinates divided by eight’. Does that
    mean that if I was at 64 32 16 in the normal world it would be 8 4 2 in the
    nether? Please help me!

  • Darian Mccants 5 years ago

    Have you made a Zombie Pigman Farm?

  • Jim the Ultimate gamer 5 years ago

    cub i really love your vids and i have subscribed you when you had
    60-70.000 subscribers and i have something to ask you… do you reply-read
    all the comments????

  • Darkalliance45 5 years ago

    This comment was originally supposed to go on the april update video.I like
    your bar and the wooden chair I mean what mod is that?also the
    computer.just tell me what mod that is:-D 

  • The epic mc player 2.0 5 years ago

    You should make a toast shrine :P