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  • ExaltedDuck 5 years ago

    Interesting talk on Star Wars. I’ve always felt the prequels completely
    failed to show any of Anakin’s motivation for turning to the dark side and
    talking with some friends I realized last week a REALLY simple way they
    could have been FAR more effective:

    The big climactic fight between Anakin and Obi Wan should have happened
    earlier in the movie, and Anakin entombment in the suit should have have
    preceded his assault on the Jedi Temple and its children. Then, the
    emperor could have used his pain and anger and perceived betrayal to
    convince him that it was the Jedi’s fault his wife and family were dead,
    and have the assault on the temple and slaughter of the Jedi his

    Just imagine this scene: Medical robots and technician tell Palpatine the
    process is completed. He says “Wake him.” They say something to the
    effect of, he would be driven mad with pain. Then the emperor says “His
    pain will focus his rage and he will become more powerful than anyone could
    have imagined.” They wake him. His only concern is Padme. The emperor
    tells him she’s dead. That together, they could have prevented it. And
    that the Jedi’s rules caused all the problems in the first place, and they
    they would have killed him rather than let him love or have a family.
    Vader flips out, with medical vials exploding, force lightning arcing all
    over, and the room being utterly destroyed. Then the emperor sends his
    order to the clone army to start killing Jedi and tells Vader, “Go. Go to
    their temple. Have your revenge.” Vader approaches the temple door while
    the choral duel of the fates theme blares. He waves his hand. Cut to an
    interior shot. We hear a labor version of the binary star sunset them.
    The door opens, brightly backlit. It is hazy and foggy. Smoke wafts in
    from and unseen source. We hear heavy breathing as Vader slowly enters.
    Upon reaching the threshold he pauses and briefly surveys the room. The
    music is twisting and fighting. Back to the dueling fates. The brass
    starts to twist in a slight militaristic thrum. His saber ignites. We
    hear the Imperial March as he raises his weapon and lunges. Fade to black.
    Roll credits.

    How freakin crazy would that have been, and it’s so freakin close to what’s
    already there. And I’m not a writer or anything. I’m just a guy that
    works in a lab and likes stories and music. And I think that’s why the
    prequels get so much grief. They were *so close* to being utterly amazing
    yet somehow ended up impressively… unexceptional. I really hope the new
    movies are what we all had been hoping for when we heard the prequels were
    going to be made. After JJ Abrahams pulled together a decent Star Trek
    reboot, I think it might just come together. Here’s to hoping, anyway.

  • BotBrawler9699 5 years ago

    Sl1p, can you do a Battlefront series on your channel when it comes out
    (since you obviously love Star Wars)? It would be amazeballs!

  • irtimaled 5 years ago

    I love your building style – I have this elevator (although not so purdy)
    on my server above the nether to get to the X79 gold farm. Then it has a
    safe drop with vines at the bottom. I’ve just finished building the
    Snocrash gold farm and used a woolyg8trvator – takes SO MUCH LONGER! :-/

  • Phyde4ux 5 years ago

    “Why are protagonists whiny?” It’s a common Scifi/fantasy trope called Mary
    Sue. Originally coined from a character in an old Star Trek episode.

    “Mary Sue’s” are the youngest, brightest, most talented yet
    under-appreciated person in the story, therefore we all want to immediately
    identify with them. George Lucas stole this page from Gene Roddenberry and
    used it to it’s maximum effect.

    Consult The Google for more info on Mary Sue’s.

  • mukkaar 5 years ago

    Make light house to that bit where you were going to do boat launcher :D

  • Mitchell Urgero 5 years ago

    396 views, and 1,030 likes as of this comment! wut?

  • RealPuffNugget 5 years ago

    Slip Love the episode!!!! I agree with you about how they should have
    showed anakin killing the village. BUT at the New Land you should add some
    bushes or some other landscaping around your buildings :)

  • Musicteachersheff 5 years ago

    That whole missed opportunity with Anikin they did it again in ep. 3. They
    didn’t show him killing any of the younglings or other Jedi. That would
    have been very brutal and violent but same idea…

  • bg6b7bft 5 years ago

    The view is amazing!

    And go ahead and tell us what’s on your mine. It’s fine; we’re all friends

    What you could do is have a button halfway up that reveals a secret
    minecart you can hop over to. Nobody would see it if they were staring
    straight up at the next cart in the tower.

    Then at the top of the tower you put a Biffa trap. Mebbe something with
    slimeblocks or TNT that gives him a really great view of your island for a
    very limited time.

  • Aaron Williams 5 years ago

    It seems like there should be more Star Wars discussion (ramblings) in
    Hermitcraft videos. Also, the thing you called an isthmus is a peninsula,
    an isthmus is similar but connects two land masses rather than ending in
    the water.

  • Fly Kasual 5 years ago

    This was the most accurate description of the SW prequels that I have ever
    heard in my life and I am truly grateful for that.

  • jimis michas 5 years ago

    Sl1pg8r why u don’t play Ori and the Blind Forest anymore? I liked that

  • Alessandro Villain 5 years ago

    You should keep the floating islands all natural so it they look untouched,
    that would make the islands feel more special, like they’re sacred

  • Dametrius Neal 5 years ago

    Already 4 comments before me dang!

  • Sandra C 5 years ago

    Oh my god. Your Anakin Skywalker impersonation is spot on.

  • KillerWalrusFTW 5 years ago

    hey slip on the peninsula, make like a sub base or something

  • Weasel Level Design 5 years ago

    Nooo you killed the dangerous tree :( Sad!

  • Cookie NinjaTP 5 years ago

    Sl1p, maybe you can build like a small little hotel where u blace a few
    beds for the visitors and tourist comes to sleep for awhile and where u can
    sleep also.

  • The3gg 5 years ago

    Sl1p! I loved the Star Wars chat and am in complete agreement with you!
    Also, you can trade out all the ladders except the bottom ones you have for
    trapdoors (iron or wood) and you fall down a lot faster. This way you don’t
    need a safe drop (That way you’ll save a few blocks ;P)

  • MatzeGamer 5 years ago

    Not going to watch any of the Disney StarWars, it just feels wrong…Disney
    is just destroying the StarWars spirit!

  • etnocel le gris 5 years ago

    next time you should use trapdors instead of ladders so you won’t get
    slowed on your way down

  • Oliver Hart 5 years ago

    When you were like “ender girl!” I totally expected those drums from
    surviving Sliptopia to jump in. Loved the vid, and your rant on Star Wars,
    mainly because I didn’t know there was another TT out! I’ll have to watch
    that. Now.

  • AlexMCool Gaming 5 years ago

    AMAZEBALLS video! As always!

  • mj199516 5 years ago

    Ok, so im still waiting for that season 2 of Farming Simulator 2015, WHERE
    IS IT Sl1p?

  • Greer Galloway(Formerly Known as ultimategamings) 5 years ago

    You’re so right about Star Wars! I never thought of it that way! I really
    can’t wait for the Force Awakens :D