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  • BionicMC | Minecraft Daily Let's Plays! 5 years ago

    Remember to checkout ma boy Austin (YupitsmeGaming)!

    YupItsMeGaming ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfi9gZio98dqeVsiP5rGJZQ

  • BionicMC | Minecraft Daily Let's Plays! 5 years ago


    Guys, all I’m saying is.. Stay hyped for the next episode. We take a BIG
    step into the series! :D

  • Tepig789 5 years ago

    “It’s not the most best.”


  • Rajvir Kohli 5 years ago

    Bionic I love your videos so much but I have just 1 request.. Please make
    the vids longer! It would be awesome!

  • VannilaSkies 5 years ago

    #FACTIONSHYPE when u raid can u put the faction name in the description ?
    Faction Raided:Green Team

  • The2011Mariofreak - FIFA 15 & Minecraft Content! 5 years ago

    #FactionsHype #TeamBionic

  • PvPLegendMC 5 years ago

    plz what’s the music in the intro!>?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Isaac Bokolishush 5 years ago

    Great vid dan what happened to lior btw.

  • Ethan Felton 5 years ago

    Great episode again bionic keep up the brilliant work

  • MrKungPow 5 years ago


  • CODE RED GAMING-Dan 5 years ago


  • RickyTurboYT 5 years ago

    Amazing vid bionoc keep it up and u should want to meet some of your
    subscriders soon “wink wink”

  • Epic Tadhg Ocallaghan 5 years ago

    The owner of teamgreen is noboom how do u not no that he got nearly 100k

  • MadhunterGamez 5 years ago

    #factionshype keep it up bionic!

  • Croc | Daily Minecraft Videos | 5 years ago

    Are we allying after the reset? Orrr

  • MillDoesMinecraft 5 years ago

    Hey bionic nice vid Good Job Bud

  • MrTwzlrsYT | Minecraft Factions, Minigames & More... 5 years ago

    Great episode. Coming up on 5k subs, I think you deserv it.

  • ExceptionZTv 5 years ago

    +BionicMC | Minecraft Daily Let’s Plays! Why u do dis? ;-;

    I never logged out of combat, once I blocked myself in, I forgot one block
    on the bottom and one of your faction members hit me when I had half a
    heart and killed me xD. I lost a lot of obby. But hey, it’s factions man,
    Nice video. :D

  • dylan snacnak 5 years ago

    Nice vid!

  • Heyimmatt 5 years ago

    Take the spawners out of your vault and put them in echest

  • GoSpdy 5 years ago

    Nice Video

  • MJohn2001 5 years ago

    Nice vid as always! I love your vids so much. Can you play other mini
    games? (Like: speed uhc, sg hero, etc)

  • samas samulis 5 years ago

    Hi bionic awesome video keep it up and btw can you put other intro link
    because that one is gone

  • Ares YT 5 years ago

    Record on MapleCraft u can get VIP too :) 

  • TheKiwiColonel 5 years ago

    Yo dude, I sent you a message via email about a business enquiry. Can you
    check please?