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  • DfieldMark 5 years ago

    As I prepare my videos for my LA trip next week, some videos might be out
    of sync in terms of when I recorded them. This was recorded 1 day before
    yesterday’s head episode. Hope I don’t confuse you guys too much!

  • Aaron Concepcion 5 years ago

    Dfeild you lost your head to brayden!

  • Onos Idiake 5 years ago

    rusher has to 2 of your head defeild and 2 of yung traders head also

  • Purebird 5 years ago

    Pause at 1:41 for a surprise ;)

  • Leomaster60 5 years ago

    Hahahah lost ur head to brayden get rekt noob

  • _Assassin_ :D 5 years ago

    dfield, stop jumping with speed 2, ur faster when not jumping with speed 2

  • Zediaph | MCSG 5 years ago

    Nice one, Mark!

  • Fuzzbie Playz 5 years ago

    10:34 ummm what

    You’ve lost it twice 

  • Narthen -ator 5 years ago

    How long is it until Insanity gets unbanned? Because BenMascot get perm
    banned but got unbanned for the new factions.

  • HenryDaKing 5 years ago


  • henry skeen 5 years ago

    under 301 views, 9 minutes ago it was uploaded

  • Caetano Andrade 5 years ago

    what is he talking about he lost his head last episode!?!

  • BigEfootball 5 years ago

    Hey Dfield keep up the great videos

  • Pepijn demoor 5 years ago

    ‘You need a pv whit only build blocks

  • Edward Smith 5 years ago


  • xSaynz 5 years ago

    You and insanity are fucking abusers

  • Michael Brookes 5 years ago

    Is your brother done with youtube?

  • Colinno1 5 years ago

    You can tell they pre recorded because Mark say “I haven’t lost my head”

  • Harripentith337 5 years ago

    Mark u did loose your head

  • Mr. FuckFaceNoName 5 years ago

    “I think I’m gonna die here” (has 3 sets of armor and 8 gapples)

  • Epic Craft 5 years ago

    Hey guys it would be cool if you can cheak out my channel I am doing
    fractions pvp and more. 

  • FlameGecko13 UHC 5 years ago

    John Legend

  • TheUnitedBuilders Five 5 years ago

    Lol we took the blaze spawners and left that was my friend (Baller_ZZ),
    VirginJeti, and me (TheFlyingPenguin) So yeah we ditched that base