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  • DfieldMark 5 years ago

    Left the coords in cause they already raided it by the time the video went
    out… They claimed the land lol. You guys worry too much :D

  • Packergames24 5 years ago

    When you were towering up, how did you not see the people below you? I was
    screaming at my screen trying to see if you would notice XD

  • Snofomofo 5 years ago

    I think Koala is Insanity. When he was hiding he in the water. Shield
    wouldn’t hit him because his mouse was lagging. Then he dropped his gaps.
    Little suspicious if you ask me

  • ThePanda Gamer 5 years ago

    Oh my fucking God his eyes are shit! There were 2 people down there 3:47!! 

  • DfieldMark 5 years ago

    No words…

  • Braedon Miller 5 years ago

    It makes me so annoyed that you don’t turn and fight.. Like you had 18
    gapples and plenty of potions and you just run till you died. Like
    seriously FUCKING FIGHT

  • ItsTjkapaa 5 years ago

    Defied I have a set home at your base so yeah get ready to be raided

  • Jonathan Nguyen 5 years ago

    Dang, dfield was complaining the entire fight. like i understand its 2v1
    but at least fight back for a little. It then became 3v4 yet he kept
    running (also you should really ask permission to invsee just out of

  • Skylar Streamz 5 years ago

    Dfield i understand that you were mad at the time but i don’t appreciate
    the way you invsee’d them for example MrMitch couldve acted like he had
    tanners head and maybe make him scared but you completely ruined it. Thats
    like X-Raying a base to see if it has spawners or to see the defenses. Can
    you please not use your ability to invsee unless you ask if its ok Before
    you ruin a surprise like that. Thank you

  • Rishi Goyal 5 years ago

    Defied rusher spends hours and hours a soy planning things out in factions,
    he has insiders in every faction, he knows what they do, he is near
    impossible to outsmart because he always has a plan b but most of the time
    his plan a always works due to the time and thought he puts into them

  • Robalicious 5 years ago

    Head drops are 100% If you die to another player (pvp), you wont drop your
    head when you die to mobs, fall damage ect (pve) or /suicide doesnt drop
    you head:)

  • Draven Williams 5 years ago

    I miss insantiy. Can you please beong him back?

  • Tyneh MC 5 years ago

    “Rusher Knows how to bow boost?”, “Yah he knows a little bit” So fucking
    cocky he has almost as many fac episodes as you and you act like your
    better than him when you dont even know how to check your armor lol

  • ron ettedgui 5 years ago

    dfield did u look at your echest u lost all your gaps xD

  • Professor_Wombat 5 years ago


    And he just happens to Not see the people right below him?

  • GirlCalledMia 5 years ago

    Didn’t edit out the cords Dfield xD

  • DakotaPlaysGamesYT 5 years ago

    You did not edit out your cords

  • PandaTube 5 years ago

    Okay… if this was not planned, the chances of rusher finding them
    building there vault is insane. YOU WOULD NEED TO BE JESUS TO HAVE THAT
    KIND OF LUCK… every episode something bad happens I feel like is all

  • _RedHot _ 5 years ago

    I came from rushers vid 😀 hahaha t

  • Mr35diamonds 5 years ago

    Rusher created the bow boost tactic what the hell is wrong with u, this is
    the consequence of underestimating them

  • Israel Gutierrez 5 years ago

    I don’t find it fair that dfield could just check people’s inventory like

  • CraftingPlaysMC 5 years ago

    At 3:20 you can see rusher and his guys on the bottom just saying hello xD

  • Mikael_Norge Plays | Minecraft 5 years ago

    Im just waiting for rushers video when he says they found them but in
    reality they tpoed

  • Lexi F 5 years ago

    Even if he forgot to edit coords out and had his vault i wouldn’t raid it
    because i love dfield so much and he is the best you tuber ever :) and i
    would never ever raid him :) <3 I Love You Dfield So Much <3 Like If You
    Love Dfield Also!!! <3