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  • DfieldMark 5 years ago

    Lol this was so…. weird.

  • Packergames24 5 years ago

    What I think happened: This was a distraction. They had Mitch fight you so
    you would fight him. Now, at 4:10 look at the tab list. RumbleCrumble is
    also online. Is it possible they had Rumble raid either dfield’s or
    hyperdarkness’ bases? Hmmm…

  • Love you all 〈3 have a nice day :D 5 years ago

    So….. I’m guessing insanity has quite youtube? 

  • DiamondThunder18 5 years ago

    Hey DField! I know you are from a suburb of Chicago so… I found this joke
    for you! Once upon a time there were three little bears. There was Baby
    Bear, Mama Bear, and Papa Bear. They were in court because Mama Bear and
    Papa Bear were beating on Baby Bear. The judge asked “Which one of his
    parents did he want to live with?” He said ” Neither.” The judge asked
    “Then who do you want to live with?” He said ” My aunt and uncle in
    Chicago.” Then the judge asked “Why?” Then Baby Bear said “Because the
    Chicago Bears don’t beat anyone!”

  • TLABronson 5 years ago

    So DfieldMark… Now what do u have to say about insanity hacking/kill

  • jashan grewal 5 years ago

    My favorite episode!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xXNightBirdXx 5 years ago

    36 Gaps?…. Gamemoding the gaps? Hmm

  • brian flores 5 years ago

    Dfeldmark Is Matthew going to come back?

  • OrcaHero 5 years ago

    So like is being on the leaderboard bad..?

  • steven watts 5 years ago

    My vidoe when i watch ill like in super fast mode how do get out of it
    please help thanks

  • masterman135724 5 years ago

    Nah they’re definitely raiding his base

  • WeeTweeds1314 5 years ago

    Amazing vid! I’m a new sub but loving your videos!!!

  • Alan TV 5 years ago

    It was at that moment that MrMitch knew….. He f**** up

  • Tristxn 5 years ago

    When is Joke of the Day coming back?

  • Zachisking 14 5 years ago

    Under 30mins to a vid 0_0 omg I can not believe it

  • BrandoCraftHD 5 years ago

    Love th faction series dfield! I hope my series grows to be as big as

  • theminecrafter699 Pvp speedArt and much more 5 years ago

    301 view but No comments like da fuq

  • alexsmalessite 5 years ago

    Now then… Stacked potions for pvpi ng? Normal users would of filled up
    their inventory by then, but YOU get access to more inventory space for
    potions.. so legit

  • Hannah King 5 years ago


  • PepsiScopesGaming 5 years ago

    dfield killed me yesterday D:

  • Canadian CrafterFTW 5 years ago

    Hi there.. Can I please get likes because I’ve never got any? Don’t hate..
    I love u

  • Ultra Darkness 5 years ago

    Is insanity will be back?or he will be banned for ever?

  • WisdomYT 5 years ago

    Cliff hangars =/

  • debbie paterson 5 years ago

    I’m so early :D

  • Sonyay 5 years ago

    “All youtubers are allowed to have 5 to 6 stacked pots.. I have 8” Well I
    guess you’re breaking another rule then Mr. Head Admin