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  • DfieldMark 5 years ago

    Give this video a big THUMBS UP if you want Comment/Question of the Day to
    return! Haven’t had much time to do them and I’ve seen that you guys do
    want it back!

  • i RuleZ 5 years ago

    Someone got 600$ rank today :/

  • NicholasP121 5 years ago

    Roses are red
    Lemons are sour
    Open Your Legs
    and give me an hour

  • epicpeople241 5 years ago

    Waiting for all the coments saying great vid 1 min after it was posted

  • noah plays mine c. raft 5 years ago

    Your comment on fouseys video is so touching

  • Polarbear YT 5 years ago

    Purple was more fun just saying 

  • Comment of the day.

    What goes up but never comes down?


  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCciNM_2QKo12SORMN_MwkbQ 5 years ago


  • wilches mc 5 years ago

    When is your squeaker brother coming back 

  • Covered Nightvlogs 5 years ago


  • ben50695 5 years ago

    I think you should Reach out to bashurverse he has no one atm 

  • Styx Demize 5 years ago


    Cop: Do you have any weapons
    Person: Yea
    Cop: What kind of weapons
    Person: DEEZ NUTZ

  • Connor Mckeough 5 years ago

    Under 301 Club…

    I Thought There Was Cookies And Milk

  • Jake Israel 5 years ago

    you couldn’t flint and steel cause u were shifting mark just keep in you

  • aleena crystal 5 years ago

    He’s been taking care of his little french fries 

  • aviezz 5 years ago

    The sound u heard was STEAM INVENTOR YHELPER telling you about a new trade

  • noka 666 5 years ago

    brend voice so low

  • Zediaph | MCSG 5 years ago

    Noice mark (y)

  • Cevin Olausson 5 years ago

    Your f are pretty faction bit IF you train you may have a chance on team

  • AliplayzHD -minecraft 5 years ago

    Your comment on fousey vid was touching

  • Zeke Williams 5 years ago

    First dislike~!

  • Kaleb Ferriss 5 years ago

    Dfield on Good Mythical Morning the cube did a last clip on the episode
    from Boston the episode is Will it shoe?

  • Sameer Vaidya 5 years ago

    Joke- Dfield stops YouTube.

    lol real joke-
    What makes you tingly? An “Electickle” shock. :O

  • Parker Joe 5 years ago

    Fricking… Mark that urr fav word lol

  • Israel Gutierrez 5 years ago

    When dfield says to hung tader that he died he went to far by saying you
    died you piece of crap, but it was pretty funny