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  • DfieldMark 5 years ago

    FINALLY! Got some Prot III/IV Diamond from a raid!

  • XSharkyX 5 years ago

    When he says the plan is gonna unfold really soon hes talking about his
    plan with Matthews Ban…

  • robohammy11 5 years ago

    Is dfield going to be on platinum permanently or will he go back to purple
    one day

  • ItzMarleyBoyy 5 years ago

    Dfield I Have A Challenge For You Soooo… For One Whole Week Of Episodes
    Take Off NoFall

  • XX_DORITO KING_XX 5 years ago

    dfield u found alot of skybases recently,how?!

  • DatBlackCat 5 years ago

    +DfieldMark Hey Mark! So the question am curious about is.. what’s gonna
    happen to insanity regarding his ban due to him abusing or whatever.. I
    don’t care what he have done… I wanna know if I wanna unsubscribe from
    him or not.. since he isn’t uploading since he is banned from thearchon so
    ye.. please inform me by commenting/replying on this comment.. also doing a
    vid only about that subject is more usefull…

  • Sonyay 5 years ago

    You say squeezy a lot because you like to squeezy other men’s balls

  • PandaTube 5 years ago

    Remember way back when when there was a faction called the GodSquad, yeah
    xStrafe was the leader of that faction. In that chest with the heads his
    head was in there. Right now I don’t know how valuable his head is, but
    just wanted to say what I wanted to say. Btw comment if you remember the
    GodSquad on factions Blue. Ahh the nostalgia.

  • FORGIVING AGE™ 5 years ago

    Anyone remember that guy that was banned on EP423?

  • Fallen Karma 5 years ago

    Nice job raiding me Mark… but who tp’d you there?

  • Taylor McDonald 5 years ago

    Bring insanity back its not the same!!!!!

  • AuroraMC 5 years ago

    Just like to say dfield that the series is doing awesome and I hope to see
    a ally request soon 😀 ~ benmascott

  • kazi daiyan 5 years ago


  • EpicJockers 5 years ago

    u should do a dp like not alot of people have all those sets of iron or
    diamond………lots of people would love that iron enchanted

  • Ryan Kaleel 5 years ago

    That was my base I’m used to playing hcf so My fac is used to mining for
    like 3 hours :P

  • SugarPlaysMC MinecraftPlayer 5 years ago

    Sneaky sneaky bastard…. he kept all the diamond on the last cehst that
    most ppl dont check

  • Jack Fanning 5 years ago

    Dfield, dont throw items off you’re skyvault because if people are in that
    vicinity and happen to find the items on the ground they could think that
    there is a skyvault up there, and items on the ground also count as
    entities so it will help them find skyvault’s easier.

    Like so dfield can see :)

  • Sneaker snatchers 5 years ago

    My leg hurts so bad

  • Fun Tek 5 years ago

    Guys like this comment if you want
    Insanity/Mathieu back

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCciNM_2QKo12SORMN_MwkbQ 5 years ago

    I know this faction and there are no insiders in it, nice abusing ;)

  • Smeg HD 5 years ago

    I can kill p4 diamonds in p3 iron on archon 

  • Hex ShadowZ 5 years ago

    What nationality is dfield?

  • Alex Coleman 5 years ago

    U stupid u missed the chest labled silktouch