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  • Ben Faze 5 years ago

    Everybody say pussy AYE KEEP IT GOIN!

  • OhTekkers 5 years ago
  • Jake Mitchell 5 years ago

    Love it! We need a catch up on Skype!

  • Patrick v S 5 years ago

    Everytime you give those keys, I cant go on, its night. Cant you give
    offline players too? Its sucks to see people get it, when you cant. Nor
    jelous (or how do you spell that). But it just helps alot, if you win good

  • Jovani Kalandos 5 years ago

    OhTekkers the archon?

  • Tntbuddymc 5 years ago

    That was my ducking base!!!F AKkkkkkkk

  • PainGuinYT 5 years ago

    Ohtekkers you have to do the egg challenge check creepers edge challenge on
    his channel like so Matt can see this!!! <——–:::

  • TrollingDiamonds Road To 20+ Subscribers 5 years ago

    When you were streaming it glitched and I didn’t get crate key can I have
    another one if so name-MKEpicBill

  • Stevie Coz 5 years ago

    Ohtekkers XtremeHd is Steven and my name is Steve that is funny lol

  • Jack Hinton 5 years ago

    I was in the vid at the beginning! Ign: JackBFC7

  • TurtleKG 5 years ago

    Matt! Crazysteve97 nominated you for the egg challenge! 😀 pls do it! :D

  • TheKiwiColonel 5 years ago

    Great ep once again!

  • Alonna Cannoy 5 years ago

    What’s the song at 1:38

  • Koby Austin 5 years ago

    can i help you raid

  • Dead Duckk 5 years ago

    Did you base get raided by creepers edge?
    He made vid that you got raid bye him

  • EpicSkillz13 5 years ago

    I really want to play on the server but u need donor to join full servers I
    cant join cuz its always full :( I would of loved to play on it aswell

  • Bekirtjuh 5 years ago

    If ya read this… You read this!

  • Kikerz 5 years ago

    Look at all those chickens 

  • Kristina sjöberg 5 years ago

    I love when you collab, you should do it once in a while :3

  • Taejon Richard 5 years ago

    is this community better than the archon

  • Mazterzen 5 years ago

    Please fix that more players can be on the blaze realm at the same time
    because the realm is like almost full

  • AnjiPop 5 years ago

    matt post the vid of your base being raided… it would be a good vid 😉
    and btw i was online at the time of the vid so tnx for the crate key, ilysm
    matt.. and also i need to tell you something matt.. so plz like follow me
    on twitter (username is AnjiJoanes ) so i can tell you via dm.. trust me
    you will want to know it.. and its kinda personal but yeah. plzz matt, ily

  • NissePvP 5 years ago

    Outro song plz?

  • Crazyface50 5 years ago

    How you get Cape