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  • OhTekkers 5 years ago

    Let’s keep it up daily! Thanks for all the love and support :) #TeamTekkers

  • rhinoonarampage 5 years ago

    Matt, are you gonna upload that youtuber factions thing

  • OhTekkers 5 years ago
  • Ben Faze 5 years ago

    169k subs 169 episode.. MATT ARE YOU ILLOOMINUTI?!!

  • Volcom wF 5 years ago

    Not be mean but you laugh way too much and it’s annoying

  • Igniton PvP 5 years ago

    Is donating to king worth it i have the money to do it and i havent even
    joined blaze realm yet. And i will tommorow so lokking for a faction i will
    donate gapps and ceggs IGN ignitionpvp im british with skype thnx

  • CapinDoesStuff Potato 5 years ago

    What happened to archon?? Anyone know

  • Heather Shwe Thoundri 5 years ago

    The 27 dislikers……..

    Freak you

  • Noobiga Skämt 5 years ago


  • TheNamesANT 5 years ago

    Man, you work so hard on your channel. You have been rewarded for your time
    and effort put in. Respectable!

  • Haikewl MC 5 years ago

    Why do people make cactus farms?

  • Mystical Pvp 5 years ago

    seriously get a new base the one your using is boring

  • Matthew Bolton 5 years ago

    Use he still on thearchon?

  • ben heels 5 years ago


  • CrazyBurger2 5 years ago

    @OhTekkers if u shift click sell heads it sells them alltought u would want
    2 know that <3

  • Fredrik Abrahamsen 5 years ago

    i cent join u server ist to many pepol on u ned to get it op to 300

  • lucy maple 5 years ago


  • Kinux 5 years ago

    Please make it 1.7

  • nathan francesco 5 years ago

    Duuuudeeee the server chat is full of Spammmmssss why u told ppl to say

  • Sturgeon Racing MX #51 5 years ago

    Take hoppers they are super expensive

  • jordi wazaluco 5 years ago

    heytekkers i have a question why cant you do /pay on the server? and can u
    do something about xrayers 😀 thanks man appreciate it <3

  • BMWoodsFishing 5 years ago

    Tip: when you sell heads. If you click on the sign and hold shift, you’ll
    sell all of the heads in your hand at once. It’s much more efficient when
    you’re trying to sell multiple stacks of heads. Hope this helps!

  • Dennis Smith 5 years ago


  • Jeff Lin 5 years ago

    Pls Reply :c

  • Da_Axe_King PlayzMC 5 years ago

    OMG 169k subs and episode 169 Matt are you