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  • Zueljin Gaming - Minecraft, Indie, and More 5 years ago

    Let’s Play Secrets of Grindea Multiplayer Ep3 – Pumpkin Forest with
    @sl1pg8r & @draaxlp A game by @PixelFerrets

  • Don Mackenzie 5 years ago

    Loving this series Z :)

  • Gladia Celt 5 years ago

    aye, you guys play it too! if you need a 4th wheel, i’m up for hire.

  • Lapin Fluffy 5 years ago

    Keep up the good work Zueljin!
    This LP is so great! :)

  • EstelienMayalinn 5 years ago

    Great episode Z, That new temple looks amazing. What secrets will be hidden
    inside? Such a cliffhanger, just perfect :)

  • protoman111 5 years ago

    Hey Z don’t you be talkin’ about abacuses like that! The air fortress
    reminds me of of a level from Legend of Mana when you’re on the giant
    floating rock snake…Lucemia

    You get…
    Phase Shift!…Little Buddy…and Ice Nova! [Insert Z in a Mega Man costume
    doing crazy things here]. Love the Mega Man reference here.

  • MisterForgeron 23 5 years ago
  • Gamer Jordy 5 years ago

    Awesome :D

  • CrazyQuilman157 5 years ago

    So, you guys are now calling it Carrot Quest? XD

  • MisterForgeron 23 5 years ago