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  • Jake Pollett 6 years ago

    Make a mine track between village and house

  • iLundy 6 years ago

    I have Tritton Triggers :p

  • Grace The Power 6 years ago

    #savestampy beachill please! :'(

  • Mesaverde5 6 years ago

    Do fifa 14 or fifa 13

  • Tanner Parks 6 years ago

    I like you vids man, but 1 month since last minecraft vid??? Not cool…

  • Josh Smith 6 years ago


  • Brian Morrill 6 years ago

    i love ur vids mostly because i have all the games u play and its on xbox
    soooo…. yeah….. its pretty freakin awesome

  • ByQuezahh 6 years ago

    I Have The Turtle Beachils

  • TheChickenHouse447 6 years ago


  • bananagaming5 6 years ago

    ill book you into rehab for gaming :)

  • Ben Mensah 6 years ago

    Not going to lie, your videos are pretty damn awesome!!

  • Aslan Moses 6 years ago

    More Terraria We WANT MORE

  • Laura D'Onofrio 6 years ago

    play happy wars

  • Ezequiel aboyte 6 years ago

    finash the coment of the day

  • Zerolity 6 years ago

    I like beachil, he is the only youtuber that hasn’t switched to GTA, I have
    done a video with him before and he is just awesome :) Keep up the good
    work George

  • Mode shabih 6 years ago


  • Mode shabih 6 years ago


  • Tamara Skribulja 6 years ago


  • Fraser Watson 6 years ago

    Let’s play

  • Fraser Watson 6 years ago

    No I want more minecraft

  • ImmortalIllusionHD 6 years ago

    I was replying to his comment and I forgot to put some stuff.

  • sean adam 6 years ago

    Can u play gta 5

  • xXThisisillegal.comXx 6 years ago

    Why are you replaying to yourself?

  • cvobs17 6 years ago

    its free

  • cvobs17 6 years ago

    do happy wars