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  • Grey Wolf 6 years ago

    9:00 thats a shark? lolol dolphins tails are sideways

  • Makayla Lusk 6 years ago

    Your? lets play is awsome

  • jj13103 6 years ago

    THATS? NOT A DOLPHIN THATS A SHARK! Juicehead you have a pet shark. :/

  • juiceheadiscool 6 years ago

    Hopefully tomorrow.?

  • Purpleturtle622 6 years ago

    When is the? next fossils vid out

  • laviter1 6 years ago

    my internet is so slow.took me an hour to watch? this.

  • randomcommentsism 6 years ago

    @? 10:45 Reminds me of Wal-Mart!

  • randomcommentsism 6 years ago

    You should gather some glass and build a? cage for you flying horse, I forget what it is called.

  • King Valdus 6 years ago

    More Fossils and? archeology!!!!!

  • juiceheadiscool 6 years ago


  • Paul Reith 6 years ago

    such a? mystake in wrong seris

  • thelsukid1 6 years ago

    😀 Nice? video!
    I <3 The Title :)

  • hockeypuckrb 6 years ago

    Random typo? is random

  • legogenius123 6 years ago

    It’s only? a typo

  • thegary5151 6 years ago

    this is not mount and blad even tough you you have a? mount and blade but wrong picture and everything

  • stevecave12378 6 years ago

    that was a shark? not a dolphin o.o

  • Luiigilink64 6 years ago

    cool? for you.