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  • Vit Kozusky 5 years ago

    I am absolutely sure the house will end up looking like some Twelve Towers
    like monstrosity. Apart from the waterfall, that thing looks quite nice.

  • Chester Carpenter 5 years ago

    Ray was really quiet in this episode.

  • Cameron Edwards 5 years ago

    Is this a Let’s Play or a Let’s Build?

  • NinjaPups 5 years ago

    It would be so funny if Ray just comes back rich from the money he’s made
    on Twitch just to purchase this as a vacation house in Achievement City haha

  • CrusixBlade 5 years ago

    Fire under it? Made of clay? Who’s moving in? A pizza?

  • Wraithdagger 5 years ago


  • michelleee210 5 years ago

    Not seeing Ray’s head in the intro anymore. #thefeels 

  • tkpwns 5 years ago

    What if Ray’s leaving was just a huge ploy for them to change up his house
    and now when he comes back he gets to live luxuriously?

  • Mark Muhammad 5 years ago

    “You have made more upgrade to your house than any of us, Ryan!” Yeah,
    cause it’s not like we got 3 videos about Geoff’s house…

  • flipsilog 5 years ago

    Nuuuuuu!! Not Ray’s house!!
    What if Ghost Ray needed a place to stay when he shows up randomly?!?

  • Ice phoenix 5 years ago

    Sorry for all caps but omg, that’s actually kinda sweet!

  • Iambic Pentameter 5 years ago

    I was hoping they would encase Ray’s house in glass like a museum exhibit,
    but oh well.

  • Carlos Moreno 5 years ago

    *Watches the Minecraft Let’s Play while hearing Ray’s stream in the
    background* … I can’t be the only one…right?

  • Alec Bowen 5 years ago

    Any guesses to who you think is going to move into the house?

  • ExplodeTheCake 5 years ago

    I really hope Ray is watching from up above R.I.P in peace buddy.

  • Cj Young 5 years ago

    Was that a memorial for Ray in Geoff’s house? 34:09 or something else?

  • jonh to 5 years ago

    DEEZ NUUUUUT………. is Mark Nut’s brother/

  • IUPLOADALLSORTS 5 years ago

    Ryans random One-Liners always get me, I just never expect them

    Micoo “We should make this a finished basement”

    Ryan “A basement where we keep Finnish people?”

  • AWildNintenerd 5 years ago

    Great, I just realized that the Let’s Play crew is 100% white

  • Amanda Childress 5 years ago

    I dunno bout anyone else but they mentioned a big B on top of the house and
    when they were discussing the garden they were referring a “lady” so pls be

  • Daniel Olmos 5 years ago


    Remember in the finale when Michael Scott comes back and says “That’s what
    she said?”

    On their final episode of Minecraft, Ray should come back in the middle of
    it and just say “Let’s Play” without being introduced.

  • Justin Jones 5 years ago

    Some house rankings for downtown achievement city:
    #1: Geoff’s house, or should I say Geoff’s monolith
    #2: Jack’s house, nice cozy house with his own statue in the back, front
    #3: Michael’s house: pretty simple wood house but with a sweet basement.
    #4: Gavin’s house: Yeah, it’s covered with art but it’s made of fucking
    cobblestone, not as appealing as wood.
    #5: Ryan’s house: with rays house getting a full refurbishing, yeah Ryan’s
    house is a piece of shit near the bottom.
    #6: Caleb’s house:
    Wait… What does he own again?
    Like, a sign or some shit?

  • Thebagelwithcheese11 5 years ago

    Bitch you guessin!
    You was right…

  • 1WarriorCat1 5 years ago

    Gavin: Micool! *looks at gold helmet* Your hat!
    Michael; possible winner of King Ryan III?!

    Its a jump, I know. It’s just the first thing that came to my mind xD