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  • greystripe 5 years ago

    Who the fuck put this water in my eyes?!

  • C Meridian 5 years ago

    so, if Michael lives in the same apartment, does that mean he’ll be joining
    Ray’s streams from time to time?

  • Tristan The Game Pro 5 years ago

    “BrownMan has joined the game” -May 11th, 2012
    “Brownman has left the game” -April 17th, 2015

  • nick gillett 5 years ago

    Ending: Aw how sad…
    Seeing what happens next: NOOOOOO!!!!!

  • McgillLP 5 years ago

    Who will look after Percival the Ocelot now?

  • Cherry Pauper 5 years ago

    I’ll always remember the day when the crew illegally imported Ray from
    Puerto Rico. Bye, Ray. I’ll see you in my streams. R.I.P in peace. *[HYSTERICAL

  • Itzen Orozco 5 years ago

    Someone should do “Ray’s best moments in Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunters

  • AWildNintenerd 5 years ago

    So does this mean there’s an opening for the token Puerto Rican now? I’ll
    take that role. West side

  • Kaitlyn Ramsey 5 years ago

    I now know how my mom feels that im moving out for college. I’ll miss you
    Ray! I can’t wait to watch your streams.

  • Chase Barrett 5 years ago


  • Caleb Gullion 5 years ago

    I guess, from now on, there will be LLLESS RAY!

  • Shane Norton 5 years ago

    That really saddens me. As I watched these 3 years I felt I watched him
    grow and live. Seeing him go feels like watch a child grow and go out on
    his own. With only the hope they will still be in contact you wait at the
    phone(computer screen for this) just hoping. Ray you may not have been the
    reason I started watching Rooster Teeth you always felt like a great friend
    I look forward to seeing. I wish I could have truly met you. Thank you!

  • Adam speedson 5 years ago

    years from now….

    Rays child walks around ruins, he sees a large gold tower and calls over
    papa Ray. Saying “i found a tower dad. it looks like it is a tower of
    awesomeness or tower of amazing,” with a small tear sliding down rays face
    he says Pimps tower of pimps. His child looks and says what happened, Ray
    smiles and says just memories and they walk off to the sunset.

    MIss you Ray, you were my Fav. now im leaving Lets Play, watched this for
    you, BYE. Crying right now watched this 4 times now and keep crying took me
    20+ mins to write this.

  • Evan Rendell 5 years ago

    so who’s gonna replace ray? i hope Joel does

  • GothGirlGamer 5 years ago

    Goddamn it. I actually teared up at the end of this. #NeverForget

  • Henry Wallace 5 years ago

    I can’t believe Ray died.

  • rampage 5 years ago

    Where’s Ray gone what happened 

  • Raging Irish 5 years ago

    Why would guys choose mouth over ass? Don’t they know they have a g-spot in
    the ass? Plus they wouldn’t have to taste it. Your asshole skin will grow

  • jacob birch 5 years ago

    R.I.P Ray Narvaez Jr
    R.I.P BrownMan
    R.I.P X-Ray and Vav

  • Shadow Lenahan 5 years ago

    ok but seriously what is up with ray? is he legit dying or just leaving LP

  • Matt Kalisz 5 years ago

    They should make a giant Ray (Tuxedo Mask) next to the giant Creeper and
    giant animals.

  • Menz Revenge 5 years ago

    This makes me come to tears, when I was a little younger I went through a
    rough patch in life. I was a depressed 15 year old and didn’t know what to
    do for happiness, so I decided to watch Roosterteeth, these guys made me
    laugh and I started to watch there lets plays and then this guy, he comes
    in and appeased me (Ray). He made me happy, he showed me that even if you
    are having a rough time to pull through and it’ll all work out in the end.
    Ray pulled me out of my depression and made me think anything can happen.
    He may not even read this but I feel that I need to credit him for actually
    helping me. Ray, I owe you so much, but I can never thank you enough. Thank
    You Ray Narvaez Jr. for everything. :*)

  • Weezy Corpse Gaming 5 years ago

    3 things.


    2: On Xbox one the world is infinate so it should be called achievement

    3: whenever someone leaves they should have something like Washington DC
    where there are just a ton of memorials made of stone.

  • houston feltz 5 years ago

    That was a trip down memo”ray” lane

  • Gexio Gexish 5 years ago

    Wait. What’s happening? What happened? I’ve missed a few things.