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  • ErinLikesTurtles 6 years ago

    i played with you on? hungergames minecraft legit

  • RoflinWhileWafflin 6 years ago

    search up snipercentralstudios on? youtube, then decide whether or not to be mad. Had near 3k subs, THEN got the partnership. Had to move to a new channel. Don’t hate just because someone is successful.

  • HDxSh0TzZ 6 years ago


  • DAVIE222psnID 6 years ago

    sub to me man, im? subing to u

  • RoflinWhileWafflin 6 years ago

    yea man! haha, thanks for? the support

  • reshiram4312 6 years ago

    YAY RWW?

  • RoflinWhileWafflin 6 years ago

    haha ;)?

  • Ryan0o08 6 years ago

    love? you :)

  • RoflinWhileWafflin 6 years ago

    thanks man, really appreciate? it 😉 haha

  • MerkedOutBeatz 6 years ago

    I’ll give you? 16 dude

  • RoflinWhileWafflin 6 years ago

    Nice job guys! We got this thing up to 15? LIKES! THATS CRAZY! Can’t thank you all enough!

  • RoflinWhileWafflin 6 years ago

    yea man!!? thanks for the support!

  • xeli23x 6 years ago

    Waffin Army.? <3

  • RoflinWhileWafflin 6 years ago

    Any fellow directors, PM me for me skype or hit me? up on twitter, lets get these LP’s going! I’d love to have some of you guys as special guests!

  • RoflinWhileWafflin 6 years ago

    Gotta be careful, don’t want to get anyone in trouble? haha

  • RoflinWhileWafflin 6 years ago

    Ahh, comments like this are? the ones that I really love seeing.
    Glad that you are glad I upload updates haha, and yea I need some meat to go with my soup.

  • RoflinWhileWafflin 6 years ago

    Hahaha, yea I was really excited to get the message from him! I’m hoping people enjoy it too :)
    Thanks, skrubz found it? haha

  • RoflinWhileWafflin 6 years ago

    damn straight! thanks for the? support man!

  • RoflinWhileWafflin 6 years ago

    oh look at you gettin? the first comment 😉
    Yea I hope some of them are interested haha

  • CauseImAHardAssLoL 6 years ago

    lol,? Love the restraint hes showing not to sing… guess hes worried about copyright or something haha
    …Wafflin Army 😉

  • WhyUMadMen 6 years ago

    Look at those likes flowing in!!! Make sure to favorite too 😉
    Gotta love RWW haha, I love that he gives us updates for these vids, probably? woulda never known if he didnt.
    Lol you ninja stole that steak haha

  • ASuperFanboy 6 years ago

    Oh man! Wafflin Army got on a partnered channel, hot damn! haha
    <3 RWW. Hoping this series will be a huge? success!!!
    Nice seed by the way haha

  • TheRoflCoppers 6 years ago

    Wafflin Army coming at? you!!! haha

  • imDriqz 6 years ago

    Like and Favorite?

  • FishesAreNinjas 6 years ago

    Nice!? (wafflin army)
    Can’t wait to see who you bring in!