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  • Tamara Machiels 6 years ago

    You wanted Redstone to make a mechanism or something to play music all over
    again every time?? You missed 1 piece at 7:41…

  • Tamara Machiels 6 years ago

    That glowstone things aren’t portals! They are letters!! Some people say if
    you find an I,don’t go back to your home again because it is destroyed or
    something. Other people say he wants you to find all the letters of his
    name and if you make his name he will kill you.

  • Sean Frederico 6 years ago

    That’s not a portal that’s an O for herObrine

  • Sara Berry 6 years ago

    make torches!!!!

  • Kylie Sanders 6 years ago

    He wrote
    !evarg ym dnif
    Find my grave!

  • Icypenguin45556AJ 6 years ago


  • Poppy Townend 6 years ago

    The glow stone spells his name

  • TNTboy254 6 years ago

    These are herobrine minors

  • William Brown 6 years ago

    i love your videos and i know u said not to ask but what with the stalking

  • baconatormaggie 6 years ago

    Why does herobrine make ather portals???

  • jadenman1019 gaming 6 years ago

    Nice video really liked it

  • Skygaminggary 6 years ago

    Best sound when he found dimonds

  • May Clay 6 years ago

    In the end did you saw a Steve skin? I saw it he was herobrine

  • JexyJack Theanimallover 6 years ago

    The Portal Will Take You To The Aether With A Bucket Of Water In One Of The

  • Harry Helliwell 6 years ago

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! villager herobrines :( they were my friend

  • Harry Helliwell 6 years ago

    6:43 saw lots of …notchs?????

  • Harry Helliwell 6 years ago

    2:13 i saw him

  • Harry Helliwell 6 years ago

    is that mod?

  • Ashton Chaney 6 years ago

    I hav e full diamond armor

  • puppyskirt03 6 years ago

    14:53 – 15:13. There he is! Herobrine!

  • Sandy M 6 years ago

    He will spell letters of his name

  • Mercedes Perry 6 years ago

    Wow…you are brave against herobrine

  • Mercedes Perry 6 years ago

    Were you scared of herobrine (heh-roe-brin)?

  • Miguel Aguirre 6 years ago

    its a O

  • Aadil R 6 years ago

    you know that portal made of glowstone when you put a bucket of water onto
    the glowstone yeah when its ready you go inside and teleport to the aether

  • hi I’m Ben I love minecraft