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  • FalseSymmetry 5 years ago

    NEW Hermitcraft Amplified :: This Episode we do some work at Hermit Thrills
    & kill a wither! :)

  • joeshmocoolstuff 5 years ago

    most people battle withers with iron golems. False opts for the snowball
    defense. xD also, hermit thrills is my favorite part of this season, so I
    love that you work on it so often. :)

  • samramdebest 5 years ago

    maybe you should try fighting 20 withers at once like X

  • LongLiveEmrys 5 years ago

    “Yeah, I really don’t want to spawn more than one on this server” *coughs
    and glares at Xisuma*

  • xisumavoid 5 years ago

    If you want more beacons im giving them away! :-)

  • Wes R 5 years ago

    I think you should just give Biffa your head. A big, pixelart version
    right in the middle of his museum. :)

  • Aquaticthickshell 5 years ago

    Use the Redstone Consultancy for help with the elevator.

  • Victor Grau Hansen 5 years ago


    Wait great vid False

  • Michael Welsh 5 years ago

    Your still the Queen of Hermit Hill’s +FalseSymmetry. No Wither is a match
    for you!!

  • Thomas Bewell 5 years ago

    Prank cleo with a giant snow golem with them inside it will be funny
    because she found them a bit annoying in yesterday’s stream

  • Le Joshy 5 years ago

    How come when people fight withers they always find diamonds?
    Withers are diamond hunters?

  • Bepmup 5 years ago

    +FalseSymmetry How about you make a whack a Zombie(whack a mole) with the
    zombie spawner?

  • MattTh3Cat 5 years ago

    Hooray! Congrats! You can have your very own shiny new beacon!

    *sniff* I’m so proud….

  • Jo McKillop 5 years ago

    +FalseSymmetry You could use the zombie spawner for Space Invaders!
    You’ll need a sort of back and forward track, two-high with a one-high
    wall so you can see through but the zombies have to walk back and forward.
    Line the track with hoppers to a chest. Set up dispensers full of arrows
    or fire charges with buttons. You hit the buttons to shoot zombies and
    stop when a zombie hits you. The rotten flesh in the chest is your score.

  • Jesse Sprenger 5 years ago

    The sound? Well I didn’t hear anything from the right but that is probably
    just my headphone… :P

  • Cameron Gibbon 5 years ago

    Zombie Shy! (Like a coconut shy!)

  • Jon Furner 5 years ago

    I love how the wrap-up turns into an impromptu parkour session. :-) That’s
    how I wrap-up a Minecraft play session every time, and I never realized it
    until now.

  • BigAl607 5 years ago

    False, I think Hermit Thrills needs a dunk tank. Would fit right in.
    Also, withers with a strength 2 pot and a decent sword in a trapped area
    aren’t that bad to fight. They still hit like a truck, but much easier to
    kill than having them out in the open.

  • Marker Plays 5 years ago

    put a slab so they wont move

  • Sean Ferney 5 years ago

    yo pro tip if you put soul sand under the stairs for the bench’s then the
    minecart will stay put.

  • 2fischerman 5 years ago

    Maybe you could make a zombie shooting game, where the zombies have to
    path-find you while you’re shooting at them. And the drops could be the
    points, like “how many points can you make in 2 min”. The flesh could be
    worth one point an potatos maybe 3 or so and iron 5. Just an idea :D

  • Gamerguy 5 years ago

    I love your videos False! <3

  • FarmersPlayMC 5 years ago

    False can u please make a petting zoo? That would make it look like a

  • Robert Moye 5 years ago

    You should troll someone by putting pink carpet all over their entire base

  • Keven Jones 5 years ago

    you can do whack a mole, with the zombies to fit the zombie spawner in the
    mini games