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  • FalseSymmetry 5 years ago

    NEW Hermitcraft Amplified :: This Episode we get back to pranking @TangoTek
    & @ImpulseSV :)

  • xisumavoid 5 years ago

    Oh me and Jevin saw this we thought it was awsum! Should of known it was
    you :-)

  • impulseSV 5 years ago

    How did you know I like chocolate with caramel!? I guess your operating
    license is now reinstated :p

  • Tango Tek 5 years ago

    While I’m enjoying the delicious ice cream I’ll be writing up your 5
    diamond citation for breaking my door! ;-)

  • joeshmocoolstuff 5 years ago

    haha I love those slow prank walks with the derpy music playing. so good.

  • Smashur 5 years ago

    A ‘cool’ Prank. Icy what you did there!

  • joeshmocoolstuff 5 years ago

    aw man, false you missed a golden opportunity. tango requested for icecream
    in his face, and he was down there afk. :p

  • IceMetalPunk 5 years ago

    Awesome (and tasty)! Ideas for another prank: rewire Tango’s door so that
    every time it opens, it closes immediately :P

  • BigAl607 5 years ago

    The wood buttons could be used for peanuts. Awesome prank False! LOL Also,
    I know you all ready pranked xB, but he’s always complaining about bats.
    Maybe some time in the future you could build a bunch of giant bats at his

  • HD_inmemoriam 5 years ago

    Two words: dispensers & snow balls. Well, three words…

  • samramdebest 5 years ago

    you could have put tnt on the inside, that went of when they were “eating”

  • moshlingz 5 years ago

    Prank Mumbo – He hardly ever pranked :D

  • The Road Bros 5 years ago


  • Andrew Specht 5 years ago

    I vote you turn Tango’s T to a F =P

  • Eugene Jackson 5 years ago

    They fined you 5 diamonds for the parking. Charge them 6 diamonds for the
    ice cream. That way you make a 1 diamond profit 

  • Winchester MC-NL 5 years ago

    And now. I’m hungry for Icecream. Great episode +FalseSymmetry

  • magnus andersen 5 years ago

    X’s Roof looks like a witch hat. Thats all im gonna say;)

  • felix allsopp 5 years ago

    Turn mumbo’s ice shards into asparagus because that is all i think of when
    i see them

  • SmeagolPlaysMC 5 years ago

    Welcome to the 301 club. How tough are YOU?

  • Gamerguy 5 years ago

    Nice one False! ;)

  • Remuko 5 years ago

    Hmmm… ice cream.. Nice episode False =)

  • Ether Arch 5 years ago

    Oh … my … I really want ice cream now … 0.0 To the fridge!

  • NewAge Gaming 5 years ago

    I actually was wondering 

  • Kiefer W 5 years ago

    Mumbojumbo+creeper by his storage system=so very sad mumbo

  • psy420shp 5 years ago

    Nice pranks 😀 Btw. Be brave when Biffa comes xD