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  • ThnxCya 5 years ago
  • NomichPlays - More Than Just Minecraft 5 years ago

    James! Please do another round of Lucky Egg Roulette in next episode!

  • soul sassers 5 years ago

    u should build a pokemon themed rocket cuz every time u say blocket village
    think of a rocket also u could build a eacret mini base thing in it

  • Gabriel Hall 5 years ago

    There were sticks in the third chest next to the black wool

  • Trip Graham 5 years ago

    Think found another articulate shrine!!!!!!!!! I just saw his video

  • tom waldack 5 years ago

    Omg everyone is telling on Justin/ThinkNoosles -_-

  • adrian Pop 5 years ago

    ThxCya/James pease dont take Justins zapdos shrine he forgot to blur it. Ur
    pal Adrian

  • DBZTRANKS 5 years ago

    Idiots dont tell what think found if you did you are a moron

  • Aliff Zakaria 5 years ago

    James Press F and your pixelmon will lock on boss,wild pixelmon

  • Sheila T 5 years ago


  • Stabachu Jewell 5 years ago

    Thnx, if u haven’t notice, there is a f on the top right corner when u
    throw out a Pokemon. And in cause u didn’t know what it is for, you go up
    to a Pokemon and click f and your Pokemon follows the wild Pokemon.

  • Kevin Bokstart 5 years ago

    Make a blacksmith in the village

  • gatis štempelis 5 years ago

    build a blocket gym in your village !!!

  • Matthew Dohms 5 years ago

    there are aticuno and zapdos shrines that justin found.

  • Panagiotis Kalozoumis 5 years ago

    Maybe you would like to go to 7920 50 -8995

    There is a surprise for ya…

  • Jason Feasel 5 years ago

    James you said that you didn’t have a water type but bobby is water dark

  • Heidi Kummetz 5 years ago

    Think actually found two shrines and ones coords are:
    X 792051750
    Y 51536

  • Thethreegamingbaccas 5 years ago

    Put a ranch in the middle of the pokeball in your house and put a
    ledgendary Pokemon in the ranch

  • twinight jewel 5 years ago

    How about a Blocket Zoo with ranch blocks that have different types of

  • Leos kanal 5 years ago

    Maybe the chunk loading Made a Glitch

  • Jakub Krajewski 5 years ago

    i have an idea that you could build a space centre

  • Cookie Doggie 5 years ago

    Thnx you should make fake jewel shrines, after all, everyone knows of the

  • Claw Raich 5 years ago

    That sky is awesome! Optifine?

  • Aaron Jencik 5 years ago

    you do have a water type in your party…………ITS BOBBY!!!!!!