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  • coolcrawford 6 years ago

    the shell Pokemon craft battle duty killed was shiny

  • Hunter Workman 6 years ago

    U missed a mew two

  • Grace Phillips 6 years ago

    tell pingu aka the penguin i forgot the name of his pikachu is in the
    computer and he should use it 

  • Ryan MacLeod 6 years ago

    in the last ep they won not the stupid people

  • Codie Williams 6 years ago

    B-) =-O

  • Dabluerootbeer Jeremy 6 years ago


  • Sam R 6 years ago

    I caught zapdos

  • Dahlaysam 6 years ago

    i was like use wrap joe use wrap!! screeming like a moron xD

  • Brendan Thao 6 years ago

    You can craft good and super rods. -.-

  • joshua belsey 6 years ago

    u past a mini pokemon

  • Codie Williams 6 years ago

    catch a Rhyhorn joe

  • joshua belsey 6 years ago

    can u send me the ip because the server i cant find pixel mod

  • Cookiecraft4 6 years ago

    Where Can i get the map your Playing

  • JJ Mcgirr 6 years ago

    catch the dam pokemon

  • Tony Faraone 6 years ago

    Play ch.

  • Beth Bryant 6 years ago


  • nathan arroyo 6 years ago

    the games yah but the show is better than that stupid pokemon show. but the
    pokemon games are better

  • awsomeweirdo4321 6 years ago


  • Alfie Riches 6 years ago

    Do ab ab

  • christopher williamson 6 years ago

    You can get a good rod, oldrod, or superod from the trainers tgat hold the
    fishing rods

  • Scythe Penguin 6 years ago

    Its in the mod 😛

  • OrangePlayers 6 years ago

    that dude took some things

  • Jeremy Goble 6 years ago

    I hope u know regirock isn’t in the mod.

  • CovertOps Recon 6 years ago

    im pretty sure u missed a regirock. it was on the right neer the coast
    whenu entered the plains

  • De Li Ong 6 years ago

    Is there missingno. In pixelmon mod?