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  • Ephemeral Rift 5 years ago

    Part 2, finally. I hope you enjoy and thanks for being patient!

  • Bob Shoobie 5 years ago

    Must be hard losing the Ability to make whisper videos…

  • bewilderedkettle 5 years ago

    Reference to Sherlock at all?

  • brobeans 21 5 years ago

    I filled in the cracks of my castle….. It got really hard for me to take
    craps though 

  • Karamu 5 years ago

    Have been waiting for this for months, glad it’s back!

  • Nu Bi 5 years ago

    To the people who feel depressed, down, burnt out: here are some humble
    tips of mine.
    1. Be physically active. You don’t need no gym, just go for a walk, run,
    take a bicycle ride or enjoy nature, what ever you prefer. If your body is
    happy, your mind will be happy.
    2. Make your own food, eat right. Again, happy body, happy mind. It takes
    time, but for me at least, it has a calming effect to eat what you make.
    3. Think LESS, get out of your mind. You can’t think your way to happiness,
    believe me I’ve tried. You may think you’re getting smarter by staying in
    your mind, but you are not. Really.
    4. Be social, you do have at least one friend. It helps in the struggle out
    of thinking too much. Practice makes perfect.
    5. Get the fuck away from your computer from time to time. It’s very
    soothing and safe to stick to your computer, but don’t.
    6. Sleep, listen to some ER, he’ll fix you right up.
    Just DO IT.

    I had a need to type this down, as a reminder to my self, and maybe someone
    else. Good night.

  • Jesse Morgan 5 years ago

    Halfway through this video I couldn’t help but start crying. I never tried
    to do anything to stop myself from getting depressed, I would just let it
    consume me. But I now realize I have the power to fight it. Thank you ER.

  • YASSS 

  • Lets ASMR 5 years ago

    Hey ER, If you want to start a ASMR Minecraft server I would love to help
    you make it, and we could do videos with other people online!

  • Stewart Baker 5 years ago

    Really love your videos E, keep up the good work!

  • InkMenace Designs (Graphics Design) 5 years ago

    More pls

  • John Bennet 5 years ago

    What about alien isolation?

  • Juan Amaya 5 years ago

    You just make Minecraft as relaxing as it can get.

  • Snoozly R. 5 years ago

    What’s the weird thing is that how I found ASMR was when I was searching
    for chinface videos. It’s a nostalgia thing.
    Then, I saw Ephemeral Rift’s “The Whispering Chinface (ASMR)”
    This was my first time seeing ASMR. I watched a little bit of it, watched
    some more of Ephemeral Rift’s content like the minecraft ASMR, and I
    subscribed. After a little while, I watched even more ASMR.
    Without Ephemeral Rift, I would’ve never found ASMR.

  • LimitIsIllusion 5 years ago

    dude, take it slow damn, i start the video and my head in instantly liquid.
    what the hell, save the crinkle sounds for later.

  • Garrett Swenson 5 years ago

    One of my favorite quotes about fear is said by Jake Gyllenhaal’s character
    Lou Bloom in the movie Nightcrawler.
    “You know what fear stands for? False evidence appearing real.”
    I’m sure the screenwriter isn’t the originator of the saying, but I like it
    none the less. 

  • pop mariopopin 5 years ago

    Just before going to bed, this episode finally came out! I can’t save this
    for tomorrow. So I’ll just have to sleep 30minutes later :) Thank you for
    uploading ER!!

  • Ming Sin Ho 5 years ago

    Dear Ephemeral Rift, how does one crinkle a bubble wrap whilst playing a
    video game?

  • Bacon Ecstasy 5 years ago

    EphemeralRift, mind freak.

  • Bonfire Keeper James 5 years ago

    I enjoy how you use Minecraft as your vehicle for creative expression. Not
    only is it a great ASMR video, but you use the game in such a
    thought-provokingly symbolic way. Well done sir, well done indeed.

  • Joshua Hults 5 years ago

    ephemeral Rift we did not evolve.

  • PazzaTV 5 years ago

    Minecraft. One of those immensely therapeutic building games.

  • DrömZ 5 years ago

    Been waiting for 6 months for this. Love it <3

  • chris vetter 5 years ago

    Rift you are awesome I just want to say that nobody can bring you down.
    Considering the fact your the king of asmr. I mean like their is just so
    much that we want.band that is to be happy

  • Viesturs Arajs 5 years ago

    After watching I only then noticed that it’s from three days ago. o_O