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  • Sophie Norris 7 years ago

    icant? stand a couple months with no minecraft! im only 8!

  • alex griffith 7 years ago

    You are the girl in Minecraft

    Can you make? more video’s if you want

    Kk Thank’s 😉

  • StuffedwithJoy 7 years ago

    I kinda don’t wanna u 2? take bweak :(

  • fuusok 7 years ago

    sure take a brake 😀 happy Lori makes better? commentary

  • TagTechable 7 years ago

    Thumbs up if you got here from BrenyBeast’s? newest video!

  • Jake0007 7 years ago

    Take a break from Minecraft if you need too.? =) Personally I’d love to see more Dead Island. xD Skyrim would be second on my list. Happy with any games though. =D

  • DeZireSpartaN 7 years ago


  • XxxGamerChick26xxX 7 years ago

    Sure, when I get a free? moment I’ll be sure to check it out! ;D

  • XxxGamerChick26xxX 7 years ago

    I agree!?

  • XxxGamerChick26xxX 7 years ago

    I don’t have the energy to yell xD and my house is freaking lovely so :p

    i dunno? Smurfs are just that cool? xD Awww, well when I started? doing this it was just a hobby, I’d like it to remain a hobby (:

  • XxxGamerChick26xxX 7 years ago

    Will do? (:

  • DeZireSpartaN 7 years ago

    hey man great? video, im doing my own minecraft series maybe u could come check it out and give me some feedback

  • Rojas1028 7 years ago

    I think u should go explore tht cave in the next couple vids or? so

  • Spazzman299 7 years ago

    Your title shall now be Lori’s house is terrible (Just kidding please don’t yell at me)

    Whats with your obsession with The Smurfs? What makes you better than a lot of people is the fact you don’t do this for profit but because you enjoy it. Thats why your one of my favourite people on youtube at the minute because we? can feel your excitement.

    I’ve already said take a break if you need to its not like we’ll be short of your LPs if you do.

  • XxxGamerChick26xxX 7 years ago

    haha XDD
    I’m? thinking about getting a major in either music, business management or English Lit. xD but I dunno yet xD

  • Andrew Contreras 7 years ago

    keep playing minecraft?

  • GAMERSF00D 7 years ago

    I’m doin’ information technology at my uni, pretty freaking? awesome. You wouldn’t believe it but there are people over 50 that actually use their computer for entertainment here :O

  • Atrotic 7 years ago

    @XxxGamerChick26xxX mwhahaha….we all know what kind? of girl you are. lol

  • Atrotic 7 years ago

    @XxxGamerChick26xxX yay – im happy. my mom got? out of the hospital today.

  • XxxGamerChick26xxX 7 years ago

    Hey..? xDD

  • XxxGamerChick26xxX 7 years ago

    YES. we are still going to go on a creeper hunt xD?

  • Atrotic 7 years ago

    @1a2b3c4d5e2427 I think her special surprise leather outfit has arrived in the mail yet. im sure we will see it soon. She will just have to? put a rated M for Mature on it. lol

  • Atrotic 7 years ago

    i would like to see u finish? the house at least. although its going to be overgrown with roses though. And you still got to go on the night-time creeper hunt. dont worry lori- you can get a camera and take us to work and college with you. people will understabd. lol

  • sjlobiwan 7 years ago

    mincraft for kids? sphax

  • XxxGamerChick26xxX 7 years ago

    Heeeeyeyeyeey,? chill! :p