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  • SkorpioonsBr 5 years ago

    oh my God, this construction has download ?

  • Atle Gotbrink 5 years ago

    Awesome build :) A tip; Use different stained glass-pane’s as candy 

  • Salome Poulain 5 years ago

    Use these custom maps (just like u did with the sitting-area) so it looks
    like candy

  • LeAmazingDeer 5 years ago

    The rat pack had always reminded me of my dad and my uncle XD They’d play
    pool whilst i would sit there watching and they’d talk about my uncle’s rat
    pack poster and what they were going to do later on :3

  • lasmirano 5 years ago

    Get well soon Sandy and great video as usual <3

  • Mysterial 5 years ago

    Hi Andy! Can I build the Bugatti Veyron for you? I will send you a little
    tutorial but I want to know if you want it in 3×7 blocks scale :)

  • andyisyoda 5 years ago
  • Zwag Semaj 5 years ago

    Nice video Andy

  • Jamie Davis 5 years ago

    For the candy dispensers you could use stained glass.

  • Tom Syndicates Left Eyelash With A Watermelooon 5 years ago

    Question: how did you start making videos with keralis? 

  • Smithers Boss 5 years ago

    Awesome man ! :)

  • Sniper Minecraft 5 years ago

    Dude when I went to las angels I went to his house and I saw him and he was
    sitting in front of his door in a black suit

  • David Whitton 5 years ago

    For the candy, use player heads

  • Aidan King 5 years ago

    Take a day off, it’s fine.
    -Are you a BOSS
    -Why do you think you are a BOSS
    -When did you become a BOSS
    -Will you always be a BOSS

  • DafDaf 100 5 years ago

    Well i just realized this episode is diffrent than others.Usually you just
    talk and do all of the questions,But this episode filled with thinking.But
    still i Enjoy it :)

  • Ryan Norris 5 years ago

    Andy your so good at building who was your inspiration?


  • Andrew Flores 5 years ago

    For the candy bar I think I would try to make a custom painting to put,
    instead of full blocks. But great work and I hope you get better soon!

  • Bart Witbreuk 5 years ago

    I was wondering if you are a full-time youtuber?

  • Harry Benton 5 years ago

    For the gum ball machine , use banners with different colors

  • Tyler Franklin 5 years ago

    Wher oe the m and m peapole

  • Lmgaming 5 years ago

    Is ther gonna be a download when done

  • Nick Abbott 5 years ago

    Hey andy, got a question that I hope you could put in your next video. 1.
    Did you ever imagine such a big fan base after such a short time and 2. How
    would you say is the best way for someone new, to get into builds like this
    on mine craft 

  • Peter Rosenberg Johansson 5 years ago

    If U was a character in The Simpsons. Who would you be?

  • Ryan Toth 5 years ago

    Hey Andy you are a very good person! I wish I could be your 10k subscribed

  • MX BROS 5 years ago

    Hey andy a tip that i give u is to use blue stained glass for the gym ir
    the best jedi army!!!