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  • ASDFGaming 5 years ago

    I’m glad your intro doesn’t smell

  • Arne Gentjens 5 years ago

    my favorite word is moist

  • andyisyoda 5 years ago
  • LrdZye 5 years ago

    Question: Will you upgrade to Win 10?

    And please do play cities Skylines :D

  • Pagan Min 5 years ago

    If you were a Minecraft developer, would you update console versions, or
    focus more on the PC version?

  • Orespawn Mix 5 years ago

    Andy, help me,!!! I am banned from WoK because i changed my name :(

  • Lego ww2 maker 5 years ago

    Do city skyline it us a awesome game 

  • Jaden Westhaver 5 years ago

    just wanted to say you’re awesome

  • what is texture pack name?

  • Denis Cretu 5 years ago

    The mansion is actuially 85,000,000 dollars.
    But other than that your doing a really good job on the house. Keep up the
    awesome work :)

  • Gian-Luca Gagliardi Grant 5 years ago

    Absolutely LOVE the texture pack

  • Elio Issa 5 years ago

    Andy will there be a save download?

  • Apple Orchard Thief 5 years ago

    How do you keep snow layers from melting with light sources near them?

  • DJ HATESOUNDS 5 years ago

    andy please play cities skyline

  • Andrew Raggio 5 years ago

    Q: While camping have you ever been attacked by a animal?

  • nuggetburgers 5 years ago

    Q: what is your favorite real life modern house Philip Johnson’s glass
    house, fransworth house just to name a few, and do you have any plans in
    the future to create any famous works of architecture in Minecraft !? 

  • DREW ELECTRA 5 years ago

    i would love for you to do the tutorial. thanks.

  • Lau Bülow 5 years ago

    Play cities skyline, i would love that! :D

  • Netwerk328 5 years ago

    Looking great Andy! You are my favorite Minecraft YouTube channel. I
    think you need a logo for the Jedi Army… What do you think of that?

  • Kaizan Connor 5 years ago


  • Dyyymond 5 years ago

    Hey Andy you should do city skylines and also in city skylines you can make
    custom buildings and parks.

  • prototype 5 years ago

    love it keep it up

  • Alex Brown 5 years ago

    You should

  • Aidan King 5 years ago

    -Pie? Yes or No
    -Aston Martin? Yes or No
    -Oreo? Twist and lick or Bite

  • Dimosthenis Metaxas 5 years ago

    Play cities skylines is really awesome