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  • Atle Gotbrink 5 years ago

    Question: Have you ever been to Sweden? //If yes, what did you think? 

  • andyisyoda 5 years ago

    big aim of 200 likes! can you help? #jediarmy

  • John_Dragonite 5 years ago

    Just asking when you’re done with Notch’s mansion will you put a download
    link cause if you do then that would be awesome!

  • Apple Orchard Thief 5 years ago

    Loving the banner chair design!

  • Arman Ayirga 5 years ago

    Question: If you would be in Star Wars which side you will choose? Dark
    side or Light side and why.

  • Viggoman ! 5 years ago

    The quality of these videos is great

  • gamer trevor Myers 5 years ago

    If you could be the richest person in the world what would you do?

  • Joe Moreira 5 years ago

    You are so lucky to have all the subscribers that you have. They dont
    judge, dont have bad comments , are super supportive and really nice and i
    have no idea how you dont have millions and millions of subs and likes your
    videos are just amazing!!

  • rick looren de jong 5 years ago

    Do you know why water 7 doesnt work ??


  • BlenderFreak 2004 5 years ago

    your intro is awesome XD

  • MLS GOLD 5 years ago

    question for next vid: do you have xbox 360 if you do will you play it and
    are you ever going to do inspiration series on xbox 360 because people who
    build good stuff is on xbox

  • Merwan Keller 5 years ago

    O btw how do u get the photo if the house before its done

  • That one Luxwander player 5 years ago

    Andy what shaders do you use?

  • Merwan Keller 5 years ago

    Where might i find this house

  • STARPHROST 5 years ago

    The dining room chairs and hanging lamps looks great!!

  • GHoovyEdits 5 years ago

    Can you put world edit commands in the Description? Like a list of the ones
    you know, or popular commands

  • Marcy x 5 years ago

    how the hell is someone disliking this?!! This is amazing!!

  • Awkward Minion 5 years ago

    +andyisyoda If you had 1 million dollars, what would you do with it? Lovin’
    this series! 😀 

  • BadHairDay 5 years ago

    Andy… I just watched a ‘Static Speaks my name’ video. I need hugs.

  • Damani Amsterdam 5 years ago

    Hey Andy I have a question someone gave you a bunch of gold what would you
    do with it?

  • cosmo_ llama 5 years ago

    can u do a how to download world edit video??

  • total hipster 5 years ago

    is that a glaswegian accent I hear..?

  • michael Beardsley 5 years ago

    Question: what are your plans for the notch mansion once you’ve finished it
    (paste it into the wok server)

  • TheMaskedBandit Project 5 years ago

    Andy please DO NOT give up on your dream. It’s always possible