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  • andyisyoda 5 years ago

    had to re-render this and re-upload :( it’s perfect now though

  • andyisyoda 5 years ago

    better late than later – please leave a like if you like and share if you
    dare and sub if you are a nub

  • LrdZye 5 years ago

    If you had to work at McDonalds 5 days a week, would you accept to live in
    Notch’s mansion for free as his roommate afterwards until you dont want to?

  • xFrozz 5 years ago

    Awesome video

  • Andrew Raggio 5 years ago

    Q:If you were a developer of minecraft what would you add?

  • Talon Ten 5 years ago

    Andy, what texture pack r u using

  • J Vilander 5 years ago

    Next episode say andyisyoga

  • TOA5TY 5 years ago

    Looking Good :)

  • Rdj Taylor 5 years ago

    Andy because you are changing paintings and blocks can you release a
    Huntington texture pack with you twists for 1.7.10/1.8/1.8.1

  • Marcy x 5 years ago

    Q&A: How much did you cry when you watched Titanic? if you had.

  • Bromageddon 5 years ago

    this is great insperation for me as i do play minecraft a lot on the xbox
    360 but as a console player i know that the xbox has its limits.

  • Gravitation3Beatles3 5 years ago

    Question: What is YOUR love? (Baby don’t hurt me)

  • MLG_Chewii 5 years ago

    My favorite drink is Mountain Dew original

  • Melanie Simington 5 years ago

    what position or positions do you play in baseball

  • Pure Dizzie 5 years ago

    Dude this looks absolutely amazing 

  • Naruko- Kun 5 years ago

    Question: Do you have any pets? If so, what are there names?
    #Notch’s LA Mansion, E08

  • bored girl 5 years ago

    Maps are awsome!!!

  • DafDaf 100 5 years ago

    BTW good job on the mansion Love it

  • Salome Poulain 5 years ago

    #Q: how would you react if you heard that minecraft add circles and isn’t
    square anymore (sorry 4 bad english)

  • JBeStudios 5 years ago

    Fresh Water or Ice Tea

  • Andrew Raggio 5 years ago

    How did you make the custom paintings?

  • REBEL 5 years ago

    Question: About how long does it take you to film and edit your videos?

  • ItsSquill 5 years ago

    Bloody El I’d get lost O,O

  • Mahith Suraapaneni 5 years ago

    Kerala bring me here! #andyisawesome