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  • andyisyoda 5 years ago

    hit that like button to support this build – Notch’s $70M mansion

  • Mika van Loon 5 years ago

    Who is your favarout star wars careccter (sry for wrong spelling I am

  • Zwag Semaj 5 years ago

    Question: How long do you plan on doing Youtube and making videos?

  • andyisyoda 5 years ago

    furnished a bedroom, bathroom and utility room. Also improved the dining
    room and spotted a cool wee clue for another door! I also start the
    kitchen and office.

  • J Vilander 5 years ago

    Q: have you ever tried the sims?

  • Brian Steidle 5 years ago

    Question: If you had 30,000 dollars, what would you buy?

    Me personally, would spend it all on a polar bear rug.

  • BUILDZ 5 years ago

    Awesome vid man planning like a boss ;)

  • ASDFGaming 5 years ago

    Question: do you have a role model and what made you start doing youtube ?

  • Henry Nick 5 years ago

    When you say $70,000,000, is that US dollars?

  • Matthew McMillan 5 years ago

    Andy is yolo here haha

  • DafDaf 100 5 years ago

    Question : If you asked to build a server lobby do you accept it ?

  • Smithers Boss 5 years ago

    looking stunning bud :)

  • The Happy Turtle 5 years ago

    A question: If you were rich and could build any kind of house you want,
    how would you build it and what style would it be in?

    Yes, I did post this in the last video, but I really would like that Andy
    answers it :D

  • Elvis Borges 5 years ago

    If you ever build a house for you to live in , is it going to be modern,
    traditional, gothic, etc?

  • Matias Rodriguez 5 years ago

    How did you make the fences not connect to wall what command did you use?

  • J Vilander 5 years ago

    I want to drink you andy

  • Gustavo Figueroa 5 years ago

    Question: What are you planning on building after this mansion is done?
    Love your vids btw, you’re awesome

  • Marcy x 5 years ago

    WAIT. what?! you almos have 8,000 Subscribers Andy!! 😀 

  • Jack Luceri 5 years ago

    Andy when you are finished can you show it in the default resource pack to
    show how weird it would look

  • fuzzand | aka Builder Baggins 5 years ago

    Which one of the houses that you’ve built in minecraft would you like to
    live in?

  • NuttyPlays 5 years ago

    thanks for putting in the cola thing!

  • KoKoPoP 5 years ago

    Question: If you had Notch’s ability and imagination to programme a
    game…what game would you create? BTW you’re doing an amazing job on
    creating Notch’s mansion. Potato heart at yer buddy

  • Jacob Barber 5 years ago

    Your such an amazing YouTuber, loving the content ☺️

  • Derp Man 5 years ago

    Next time say: Hey crafters! Andy is ebola here! XD
    Question: which superpower would you choose? 

  • GrizzlyGaming HD 5 years ago

    Question: Has you ever seen or gotten griefed on the WOK server? Keep up
    the great videos!