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  • andyisyoda 3 years ago

    What do you think of the new intro? 

  • BloodZelos 3 years ago

    I definitely would suggest that you stick to 2, 20 minute episodes. I just
    started this series an hour ago and my favorite part is how much you get
    done per episode, it keeps it interesting. I think that if you were to do 5
    minute episodes there wouldn’t be enough time to really get into the build
    and fully enjoy the video. Just my opinion! 

  • andyisyoda 3 years ago

    lots of viewer questions answered. Also my question: la mansion every day
    for 5 mins or keep 15mins twice week

  • ShinySwordStorm 3 years ago

    But the mansion is in Beverly Hills 

  • MaximusCraft 3 years ago

    20 minutes a week x2 please

  • Aaron Juan 3 years ago

    This is the best Notch’s LA Mansion! Is incredible!

  • andyisyoda 3 years ago

    FIRST! Yes! I am so boss

  • Brian Steidle 3 years ago

    Question: Which football team is your favorite? Mine is Arsenal.

  • Aidan Cunningham 3 years ago

    I’m from Scotland too, I’m from dreghorn in Irvine 

  • MicroGaming24 3 years ago

    What console do you prefer to play on? Also If minecraft weren’t around,
    what game would you most likely be playing?

  • ASDFGaming 3 years ago

    awesome intro !

  • DJ HATESOUNDS 3 years ago

    i prefer the 20 mins .. but 5 mins a day would be cool 2

  • DarkLords Pants 3 years ago

    And 15 mins twice a week

  • The Happy Turtle 3 years ago

    A question: If you were rich and could build any kind of house you want,
    how would you build it and what style would it be in?

  • Perps 3 years ago

    20mins twice a week

  • Vinicius Victor de Oliveira VDetroitLions81 3 years ago

    15mins twice a week, Question:What is your favorite song? Tea or juice?
    Harry Potter or Lord of Rings?

  • Nevin Vilandrie 3 years ago

    Andy you are really good at building. I think you should have way more
    subscribers from what you post every day.

  • Cloperson 3 years ago

    Can you do a lets build of a baseball stadium?

  • Elvis Borges 3 years ago

    er, if you do make 1 episode a day, please make the build into a playlist
    since I can only watch these episodes maybe once a week, so not having to
    look for each one would be helpful.

  • STARPHROST 3 years ago

    I prefer the longer episodes plz, AndyIsGyoza 😀

    ps/ I think jacuzzi is the name brand of the hot tub / spa kind of like
    Kleenex is the name brand for facial tissue paper

  • Edistone 3 years ago

    Oh My God that intro :))))))

  • Netwerk328 3 years ago

    2x speed, 20 minutes, 2 times a week please :)

    QUESTION: If you could play a major role in an upcoming Star Wars movie,
    but you had to play a bad guy that no one likes… Would you accept the

  • DarkLords Pants 3 years ago

    What computer do you use andy and how much did it cost?

  • koen dode 3 years ago

    5 mins a day and haders and ruoplays pleas tanks andy

  • NuttyPlays 3 years ago

    Is Minecraft your fav game? and also what do you do for a job? stay awsome!