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  • distruction15 7 years ago

    How did you get so good at building?

  • TheSlimevenom 7 years ago

    14:00 perverted moment

  • Björn Thiberg 7 years ago

    One thing I’ve noticed though is that the lightning on snow is really weird for some reason, like you can see the lines between the blocks becouse the shadows are messed up. It might be because it’s all white.

  • minecraftz234 7 years ago


  • EliseHj1705 7 years ago

    Yeah I think you should try to build a mini tree house for your next Let’s Build. That would be awesome. :-)

  • Jason Castro 7 years ago

    Mini tree house. Just suggesting for the build

  • xProKx 7 years ago

    lol, you’ve got the wrong game then…

  • xProKx 7 years ago

    Yeah, Biggs is really liking snow right now as well. I thought about using it but decided on wool instead.

  • Exiledmemphis 7 years ago

    Nooes, how dare you say that map download is on your channel, when i then download it, this building isnt there, i cant wait for the inside of the house! D: Gogo upload please! I love this house so far 9/10 diamonds imo!

  • Tom Brown 7 years ago

    Is That U In The Pic?

  • Tom Brown 7 years ago

    Do An Airport Nxt

  • Björn Thiberg 7 years ago

    you should try using snow instead of wool, I’ve started using it, and it looks great, especially if you retexture it a little

  • Mincraft2804Gaming 7 years ago

    do tekkit please

  • terry Fong 7 years ago

    omg i totally miss that i thought those were below his computer setup list lol
    ty dude

  • koalafreaky 7 years ago

    prok, did you ever think of making a industrial building??

  • XLaserboy24X 7 years ago

    Nice video!

  • caMpsIde bYm 7 years ago

    LoL the way you’ve put the glass is awesome :)

  • KrispyCamo 7 years ago

    Hey pk, just wondering: what peripherals do you use?

  • KrispyCamo 7 years ago

    Its on the right hand side of his channel; just below the description.

  • Pedro Ferreira 7 years ago

    Love it!

  • terry Fong 7 years ago

    um….sorry but where is the link for the texturepack and the map perhaps coz seems everyone cant find those on your channel?

  • horsesrule816 7 years ago

    I love ur vids!

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