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  • PixelSmasherz 5 years ago

    Hey can I show you a build I made on my minecraft map?

  • Drewsmc 5 years ago

    Nice development you got going on there!

  • KoLusimKreations 5 years ago

    Looks good :) I’m going to be starting a city this week too, I look forward
    to see how they turn out x3

  • John Urbach 5 years ago

    Those cars r looking cool

  • Cameron Braithwaite 5 years ago

    How do u build so well it’s so hard haha

  • ImEbyte 5 years ago

    What other type of buildings would you like to see me build?

  • John Urbach 5 years ago

    Oh plz show us how to make the cars people will prob be asking for that

  • Daniel Cook 5 years ago

    It would definitely look cool to have maybe like a school or a hospital or
    something near the towers. Or just some flats like you said. And I think it
    would be cool for you to do an episode with some guest builders.

  • John Urbach 5 years ago

    Yay finally :)

  • John Urbach 5 years ago

    Like new houses in ur city =)

  • John Urbach 5 years ago

    I think you could make some let’s elds of houses in your city