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  • CRLCommunity 5 years ago

    2nd like first comment hell yea 

  • ImEbyte 5 years ago

    Episode 3 of my let’s build a modern city!

  • John Urbach 5 years ago

    Please make another lets build of a modern house I love your lets builds 

  • John Urbach 5 years ago

    I mat just try to copy it u give me lots of inspiration 4 my next build!!!

  • Josue Verdin 5 years ago

    u should get a ps vita so we can play minecraft

  • John Urbach 5 years ago

    This place is beautiful!!!!

  • John Urbach 5 years ago

    BTW I subscribed

  • R3flexGaming | JaanAndEgert | Pihkva 5 years ago

    Great video, but if you wish to see more views, try releasing a little bit
    less videos for a while. You are burning out your subs.
    Here is a great video on the subject.

  • ShatteredBladegaming 5 years ago

    I myself have started to build a city on 360 if anyone wants to help or
    just checking out msg me @ShatteredBlade3