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  • Ronaldo Santana 5 years ago

    You suck doing entiorior

  • Dan Lags 5 years ago
  • Sky Builds 5 years ago


  • Eduardo Hermosa 5 years ago

    Dan Lags Is The Master of Building Houses, I wished That I was your friend
    on xbox 360. Gt: DrunkElephant
    Also you should do a giveaway and the winner gets to choose any house you
    build in your lets build series. Liked! :)

  • Norcda Childa 5 years ago

    You did a great job! Awesome!

  • HowAbout Longboarding 5 years ago

    hey dan! its my Birthday! Love ur vids

  • JTCMichal 5 years ago

    QOTD: What is 9+10?

  • Skylanders, pokemon, martial arts master 5 years ago

    Can you make a White House? It’s a real challenge but I know that YOU can
    do it!

  • LEGO MASTER 5 years ago

    can u do a house tour

  • corey lanouette 5 years ago

    Such an awesome build 

  • Big Ben 5 years ago

    For the table in the backyard you should’ve put some chairs pushed in and
    some chairs not pushed in

  • HILDA ROSE 5 years ago

    looking for nathaniel pena

  • ToxiCreeper22 5 years ago

    Has anyone found the actual real house picture of this?

  • Wayne Caucci 5 years ago

    Nice video

  • DRAGON HUNTER 5 years ago

    Hey guys, is anyone willing to help me create a city? It will be on os4 and
    you must have a working mic and be around 15. Just put your usernames in
    the comment and I’ll add you

  • Sly Twist 5 years ago

    Can you do a face reveal

  • Justin Mize 5 years ago

    What are the dimensions of the driveway

  • Arctic Moose 5 years ago

    fuck her right in the pussy

  • Sky Builds 5 years ago

    I MISS LD PLZ upload a video of CLD tomorrow if you can 

  • Tyler Jacobs 5 years ago

    U should’ve added a couple trees in the middle of the driveway but nice
    house. Plus, how come there is pink carpet in the master bathroom sense
    most of it was light blue?

  • JJGamer 10 5 years ago

    #DanLags can you please answer on my question? How did you get a TV-screen
    from a painting? Please Dan.

  • ScutaB47 Gaming 5 years ago

    Sometimes when im watching the vids im talking to myself in my headphones
    thinking its my sbox live mic and im talking to some one and they are beats
    so i cant hear myself then i notice darn im on youtube

  • DemonzzOfWar | The Best Gaming Commentator 5 years ago

    Will you put this up for download?

  • Zdiddy 2001 5 years ago

    Nice build Dan next I think you should build a go kart track and maybe put
    it on Xbox one LD
    QOTD: if you could have any superpower what would it be