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  • JTCMichal 5 years ago

    When is Survival Island or just Survival S3? Like if you want survival and
    survival island back!!!

  • Dan Lags 5 years ago
  • ThatBritishDude 5 years ago

    What’s the seed for this map ? :)

  • ComputingForLife 5 years ago

    Dan, you should make another rival craft video, I really enjoy watching
    that series.

  • Ad is awesome 5 years ago

    Dan please reply
    can you put this house up for download when your done?

  • Kriptive 5 years ago

    Dan should do a whole western town let’s build series 

  • Alex Torres 5 years ago

    Snow doesnt melt Only ice

  • JxN Classy 5 years ago

    Furnish one room and one bathroom on camera!

  • Totally uninspired geek 5 years ago

    By shelving I thought you were gong to make a tall two wide bookcase on
    either side with a shelf on top lol

  • Theo F 5 years ago


  • Colin Powell 5 years ago

    When u have in furniture completely done do a tour! 

  • Isabel Sams 5 years ago

    u should build a house in los dangeles! that would be awesome

  • Gavin Andreeko 5 years ago

    great vidieo but to much white

  • Sim King 5 years ago

    Dan have you ever done a cabinet by placing a block then placing an item
    frame on top of the block the put side ways carpet in the item frame and
    you have a cabinet 

  • carlos mansker 5 years ago

    Welcome to the 301 club how tough are ya?

  • MR WOW 5 years ago

    Hey mind looking at my channel i do mc modern city vids could really help!

  • Zdiddy 2001 5 years ago

    QOTD if you could have any superpower what would it be #danlags

  • Peter Pan 5 years ago

    Dan this is your worst build yet lol

  • EncryptedAnarchy 5 years ago

    If anyone plays Minecraft on xbox one and wants some company I play mostly
    survival based games. You can reply on here or message me and we can set up
    a time to play. 

  • Blake Horton 5 years ago

    Hey Dan, I made a statue of you and I really want you to add me to your
    friends list so you could come on and see it! If you do just reply saying
    that you want to. I really enjoy your videos!!

  • dZ Merzed 5 years ago

    You’re great at building but you’re awful at interior. L

  • Alejandro Rodriguez 5 years ago

    #QOTD Hey… Hector(If that’s even your real name), what is your favorite
    type of music.

  • Elite Piggy 5 years ago

    Awesome Video! Love the house you Built! :)