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  • Dan Lags 5 years ago
  • Shawn Lawson 5 years ago

    You should cancel the build on that world and put it in LD. 

  • lorenzo chame 5 years ago

    What happened to the Asian house build ??

  • incredible gamer 85 5 years ago

    i love HGTV i want to be a Arkitect and im 8 

  • Kali E 5 years ago

    Do u have to pay for Minecraft Xbox one

  • Kitty Cat 5 years ago

    Are you going to continue the Japanese style house?

  • windgod110 5 years ago

    I think that this build is going to be about 4 to 5 parts, that’s my guess

  • Manhattan Madness 5 years ago

    This is awesome! Now I built my own tiny beach house

  • ExTrA cLaSsY 5 years ago

    6,573,465th………stawp making comments like that, please.

  • Randall49er 5 years ago

    Are you still doing the Japanese house build?

  • NateXBarone 5 years ago

    Happy Valentines Day Dan!

  • ExTrA cLaSsY 5 years ago

    QOTD: Will sub world come back?

  • logan shook 5 years ago

    how many ep of this will there be

  • Daniel Enriquez 5 years ago

    Hi dan I want to play with you multiplayer give me your gamertag

  • YTvideos 5 years ago


  • TheHolidayGamer 5 years ago


  • RockfordGames 5 years ago

    So Dan, what do plan on doing with the empty land on the Northeast side of
    Los Dangeles?

  • Jake Radecki 5 years ago

    Any builders wanna help me build a city on Xbox? Am3ricanparkour and I love
    your videos Dan lags 

  • incredible gamer 85 5 years ago

    Make the world look like Marcus Vineward 

  • Wayne Caucci 5 years ago

    Will you build this house in ld when you convert to xbox 1

  • m barks chimney sweep 5 years ago

    Can you build this in LD love it

  • Sky Builds 5 years ago

    Dan lags please don’t move to Xbox one or if yes are you going to start a
    new city on xbox 360

  • noel sabandith 5 years ago

    Yay I was the 70th like

  • Pixelatedwave Productions 5 years ago

    lol i live in this type of house

  • Sean Wicksted 5 years ago

    Love your build dan