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  • John Szaniszlo 6 years ago


  • John Szaniszlo 6 years ago


  • pdaddy20031 6 years ago

    That’s a 100% house keep up the good work

  • David Allison 6 years ago

    Can anyone ever join u and build with u

  • matt searc 6 years ago


  • Taylor Jordan 6 years ago

    Your amazing! I suscribe to a ton of people and you’re 100% my favorite!<3

  • Nathan Arliss 6 years ago

    It’s my bday on Friday please put a shout out on your next video

  • Errrrrrrrrrrrrrridk 6 years ago

    Hey Dan Lags you should add a aquarium it

  • vancouverlambos12 6 years ago

    Or add me XxIMAproUknowxX

  • Chase Linkenbach 6 years ago

    Make a walk way through the carved out part

  • Aaron Fleming 6 years ago


  • Kaleb walkington 6 years ago

    add me on xbox Xspiredkaleb10 😉

  • Kj Webley 6 years ago

    Put the wood back from behind the snow pillar

  • Travis Horney 6 years ago

    Dan Lags make that little area by the water fall a pond

  • jnelson4611 6 years ago

    How does he do it!

  • Jamal Aguilar 6 years ago

    I luv your building nice

  • claudia martinez 6 years ago

    can you make files so we can download your creations

  • Josip Živković 6 years ago

    @oqnqzhb yeah yeah we all know that! btw! you would probably enjoy this
    online game –> bit.ly/15ICLPX?=qfior

  • ollienova250 6 years ago


  • Chase Linkenbach 6 years ago

    Under the water fall

  • JR Ramoso 6 years ago

    4th comment 13th view ftw

  • Explore Switchy 6 years ago

    I make intros

  • jacob simpson 6 years ago


  • Zach Brummel 6 years ago

    Make a room in the indent

  • Mike San 6 years ago

    The aquarium idea is good. See if you could make a room behind the waterfall