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  • dynamicfires1337leet 6 years ago

    You have the exact same picture as my brother xD

  • Evan McClure 6 years ago

    Stole into from speedy

  • Madison Bradford 6 years ago


  • Mya Munch 6 years ago


  • Madison Bradford 6 years ago

    Dan what’s the seed

  • Jack Whitlow 6 years ago

    Are you beat?

  • JADEN PERU 6 years ago

    so coolfun

  • Steven Zandarski 6 years ago

    huh shut up

  • DragonEpicness 6 years ago


  • Jacob Knight 6 years ago


  • AustinsShow123 6 years ago

    Awesome Job Dan!! Big fan of yours :) Your an inspiration for me and I have
    a disability which affects my voice but you keep me going man :)

  • Austin Bolton 6 years ago

    hey i want to know how to make a lake on a flat world but i cant find out
    how u did yours so well

  • TheBlackMerchantX 6 years ago


  • Mr.YouChew Gaming 6 years ago

    Epic sauce build. Umma add it to my lake after I finish my first modern
    house :3

  • steven nunez 6 years ago


  • MrCrumpetFTW 6 years ago


  • sjokie12 6 years ago

    Looking Nice :)

  • Karl Sander Vinkel 6 years ago

    Plz add me my gamertag is InsectBarley

  • 1220dab 6 years ago

    You could also try putting one line of red around the lighthouse, and one
    line of black

  • diamond crew 6 years ago

    If u want a converted map come to my site and also I do my own creation
    like sports worlds or park our

  • Taupea Milano 6 years ago

    U have 1 subs on ur list

  • TheSnake302 6 years ago

    hey) records videos in pc plz)

  • Daniel Smith 6 years ago

    @Dan Lags hey man i know you probably get alot of messages of people that
    want to play with you but i was just wondering if you could come on my
    world im making and check out my mansion and a modern house i made i play
    on smokey minecraft if you know who that is

  • BraveNevada05 Productions 6 years ago


  • Ethan O'Brien 6 years ago

    Nice lighthouse Dan