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  • andyisyoda 5 years ago

    Thumbnail may say 2. This has been fixed and will show up as 1 in a few

  • JNG Aviation™ 5 years ago

    Could you build a texas suburban home ?

  • SkillFlippz 5 years ago

    Can u build a swedish house? :) I’m swedish and Keralis is swedish so we
    can tell u what we think about it! :)

  • Apple Orchard Thief 5 years ago

    By the way the thumbnail says 2 in the corner…

  • andyisyoda 5 years ago
  • BUILDZ 5 years ago

    Great video Andy :)

  • Gian-Luca Gagliardi Grant 5 years ago

    if you can, maybe do a quick tutorial on a massive semi-circular bay window.

    Otherwise, I’m really liking this lets build, I am building while I watch
    these, but not the same thing, I’m building my own build but taking some
    small ideas from your’s and adding them.

  • Johan Mallaug 5 years ago

    +andyisyoda where are you from? Scotland? Because I love that accent 

  • FunnyGaming&Reverse DK 5 years ago

    Btw. is this 1:1 scale for players? I think it looks a little big

  • Donovan Murphy 5 years ago

    I play on Xbox one could somebody tell me if green stained Clay looks good 

  • CastawayMattbrush 5 years ago

    Awesome Video :D

  • Matata10 5 years ago

    Great job! I’m so glad I found your channel!

  • Dylan Furtak 5 years ago

    I have to say Andy, I love your videos! Keep them coming out. I always need
    some houses to put in my world.

  • Mama Papa 5 years ago

    I like build using no world edit cause I can’t dowload it

  • FunnyGaming&Reverse DK 5 years ago

    Why have you not been in the inspiration series with Keralis yesterday?

  • miha dragos 5 years ago

    andy i want u to ask something .. the Texturepack are u using why is better
    then Huntington ? Dose it has some meta blocks ?

  • Steve Catalli 5 years ago

    I think the grass texture was making the video have moments where it looked
    really pixelated and then fade out.

  • Sasha Fitzgerald 5 years ago

    Looks great! I can’t wait for the next vids in this series :)

  • Susan Taylor 5 years ago

    Change green to lighter green

  • Ancient Pudding 5 years ago

    I don’t like the look of that texture pack because some of the blocks on
    there hurts my eyes 

  • Alex Show 5 years ago

    Really cool house so far!!! Can I ask you something? How to download
    minecraft on PC?

  • Martin Forsgren 5 years ago
  • Geovanni Sermense 5 years ago

    I love your vid and ur voice

  • Collins Ramsey 5 years ago

    Nice start andy, i have a feeling im going to love this house. And also
    thanks for the resource pack, it looks great! :D

  • Netwerk328 5 years ago

    I always love your content. As for a “how to” build, the only thing I would
    recommend is being a touch more explanatory when you start using your WE
    Jedi skillz. Keep up the great work, much love from Boston.