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  • andyisyoda 5 years ago

    another amazing desgin by hanools! transformer tank BRAWL

  • BadHairDay 5 years ago

    Broom broom. Bang bang. I ate your mother but luckily I spat her out!

  • The Minecraft Creeper 5 years ago

    Who can solve this

    Andyi sy odai sa mazeb alls

  • AcrylicFuzion 5 years ago

    hey Andy as a new subscriber I’m loving the videos, but I have an idea for
    another type of video. I’ve flown around on the plot world and checked out
    the various plots, but as a guest im positive I’ve missed a lot of the good
    ones. Maybe like once a week you do a plot showcase showing off the persons
    plot and the builds they have on them. Anyways keep up the awesome work

  • Mama Papa 5 years ago

    Do the fray one sandy P.S its name Megatron in transformers 2

  • Ryan Loving 5 years ago

    Either the car version on bumble bee or megaton (the tank)

  • Diogo Oliveira 5 years ago

    Great vid andy love your vids

  • deanthetieguy 5 years ago

    You have to make a Jedi mansion but on hoth with atats and snow ever where
    and snow caves and things I can also build an atat do yah

  • LadyDivinexx 5 years ago

    that looks awesome!! 

  • WafflesGaming 5 years ago


  • Daniel C 5 years ago


  • Sir Galaxy Marshal 5 years ago

    A plane for the next episode

  • Minecraft King 5 years ago

    very cool design