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  • andyisyoda 5 years ago

    please motivate yoda with a like!

  • HytexTech™ 5 years ago

    Yaz FTW +andyisyoda 

  • CaptainAfroMC 5 years ago

    awesome vid andy

  • Netwerk328 5 years ago

    Great build but I would be interested to see what your digger would look
    like with its tracks one block wider on each side. I love operating heavy
    equipment. In the states we call that an excavator. I am more into things
    that deal with physics, like cranes.

    I would love to build a high-rise crane on WoK that looks like it it
    erecting a sky scraper.

    Here’s a challenge; build a hovercraft or a sky-crane 

  • Lukas Johansen 5 years ago

    Nice Andy! I enjoy all your vids! Keep it Up BROOoOoO

  • Emily Ball 5 years ago

    Great build, I must say so myself. This is my first time watching a build
    tutorial on your channel because I a very new sub. But it’s a truly awesome
    idea how you lay out each layer and take it one step at a time! Ingenious!
    I cannot wait to add this to my Xbox world! I very much enjoyed this video
    and I look forward to watching many more!

  • ECpunisher 5 years ago

    Really sweet design, l love how you kept it compact but still included a
    ton of details! Keep up the good work!

  • Darren Nugent 5 years ago

    Nice work woody keep it up :)

  • Orespawn Mix 5 years ago

    The grayest AND greatest vehicle thingi of all time! :D

  • Nicowitsz 5 years ago


  • LegitimateGamerHD 5 years ago

    Hey andyisyoda i was wondering if u could help me out with my channel
    because I’ve just started and I need some subscribers!thanks comment what u

  • RHINO_88 5 years ago

    I changed it slightly, but looks great! Thanks for the help! It goes really
    well with my map.
    Here’s a screenshot. http://snapcr.net/c/7db8.png

  • Wileh Player & Designer 5 years ago

    make some more houses ;))

  • HeroicSofa 5 years ago

    Glad these tutorials exist – I am hopeless with vehicles!

  • Ben McGuinness 5 years ago

    At 04:34

  • Ben McGuinness 5 years ago

    Is that a steam train in the background

  • Copter the man 5 years ago

    Amazing tutorial Andy! Thanks for showing it in default texture pack :)
    you’re a great youtuber! Keep up the good work!

  • TheUnderratedBuilder 5 years ago

    he he

  • BadHairDay 5 years ago

    Another good video

  • Minecraft King 5 years ago

    nice video buddy