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  • Micro Man 5 years ago

    Tracy Island Update #2!

  • YoyoChickenBro 5 years ago

    What if for mission 3, you need to go to thunderbird five because of a
    distress signal sent, and if you aren’t fast enough, thunderbird 5 will
    explode! (Or something like that).

  • Wasim Guerboukha 5 years ago

    Have you seen the new thunderbirds TVs show thunderbirds are go 

  • burgo566 5 years ago

    I think he managed it by going up really high and building there

  • Wasim Guerboukha 5 years ago

    Amazing job micro man 

  • lucas helweg 5 years ago


  • AwesomeMayhem 5 years ago

    If it won’t be any trouble could do the classic control room with all the
    cool launches from the old show and new show

  • burgo566 5 years ago

    Will you be doing the 2015 version?

  • weshuiz 13 5 years ago

    can you make a download link soon 4 some reason a friend want this and his
    stupid opsesion